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Within one hour of the crash of MH17 I heard about it. I was shocked and ever since I have been following the news. Not only the main stream news but did a lot of research on about every aspect of this disaster.

Almost 300 innocent people lost their lives. Passengers and crew on their way to holiday, friends, for business of doing their job. Their life ended all of a sudden.

I want to know what happened. I live in the Netherlands and feel very much involved although I luckily knew nobody on the aircraft nor do I know anybody who lost a loved one.

The reason for this website is to share my knowledge and have people make up their mind. There is just too much conspiracy theory which I want to get rid of.

I cannot prove what happened. The researcher are hopefully able to collect evidence. However I am sure by doing research a lot possible causes can be ruled out or almost ruled out.

If you believe MH17 was actually MH370 or the accident did not happen at all: good luck with your life, stop reading as it will be a waste of your time.

This blog started at September 20 and will be updated very regulary.

The posts are:

1. Who could have done it and why

2. research on a  missle being used

3. research on a fighter attack

4. Legitimate questions and answers

5. Conspiracy theory debunked.
. The use of social media (trolls) by governments to spread propaganda

7. Interesting links to MH17 information




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