Interview with Max van der Werff on MH17

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Dutch YouTube channel Cafe Weltschmerz published at January 31 2017 an interview with Max van der Werff. Max talks for 1 hour 20 minutes about MH17. He talks about his visits to Ukraine to do investigation, his talks to eyewitness, his talks with JIT in the Netherlands, his research on Correctiv and on the JIT investigation.

I have to say Max is very reasonable. No conspiracy talks. Max says he does not know what the cause of the crash is. He does not know who did it. He states the JIT investigation is corrupt and political driven.

With many of his statements made in this video I agree.

For example about the lies by Correctiv and the lazyness of Dutch press to do proper and critical investigation.

However I disagree with the things Max does not talk about! He does not talk about the clear and proven lies by Russian Federation. He does not talk about two photos showing a smoke plume originating from the launch field south of Snizhne. He does not talk about the eyewitness who saw a missile flying. He does not talk about the lack of any photo or other indication an Ukraine BUK was in the area. He does not talk about all the propaganda from Russia and methods to frustrate the JIT investigation. He does not talk about the veto by Russia for a United Nation tribunal. And last but not least Max does not talk about his failure to publish photos showing cables near the apartment where the famous plume photo was made.

Anyone with a clear intention to find the truth should talk abou this.


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4 Comments on Interview with Max van der Werff on MH17

  1. Claims for knowing nothing about the cause and perpetrators, but knowing that JIT investigation is corrupt (really?) and political driven (that is right, but I guess, he meant the opposite: shielding Ukraine, not fear of legal proceedings against Russian regime) do not sound very reasonable to me.

  2. neantichrist // February 1, 2017 at 9:46 am // Reply

    It’s pity, no English subts.
    Anyway, I have got the grounds for my opinion abt:
    1) the media site informed : Our interviewers are independent, quirky, profiled and expert in their own field of knowledge.
    It’s strange to read abt interviewer Mr. N as abt “expert” in MH17′ case.

    2) Due to some translation (thanks to admin), on the basis of a few words
    “Max says he does not know what the cause of the crash is.”
    can be studied how to distort irrefutable facts.

    a) Dear interviewer and Mr. Max van der Werff!
    MH17 was not crashed, MH17 was shooted or, if You like, was downing.
    Pls, make some clicks and read the UN SC doc #2166 dtd 21 07 2014
    //Deploring the downing of a civilian aircraft…//
    //Condemns…the downing of Malaysia Airlines flight MH17 on 17 July in Donetsk..//
    From very that time the MH17 is a tragedy only for the next of kin.
    For others ( including the next of kin) it’s the crime.
    Even Mr.Putin was strong enough to say “that crime” at 18/07/2014.

    b) The ICAO and others are using DSB Report as a basis to improve the safety of global civil aviation. Why Mr. Max van der Werff does not blame the ICAO’ usage of the DSB doc packed wz “wrong conclusions”?

    I know the reason:
    – to blame the DSB or the JIT means to blame a few countries who are “sick Russophobia”.
    – to blame the ICAO or IATA means to blame the international aviation community (almost 200 counties)…
    Hey! do U feel the difference?

    • neantichrist // February 1, 2017 at 11:19 pm // Reply

      Thanks to introduce that pile of docs. Tried to translate with the site help but failed. I feel it is not nssry at all.
      I can listen to what Max van der Werff and his interviewer N and R.Perry and Gr Phillips and others keep saying in good Russian language from the same speakers in Russian TV box and media.
      For ex – Mr. Korotchenko, who says the same words: .
      – gimme (sometime – give us) yours circumstantial and overwhelming evidences! WE (some time – me) will decide – is it right (not wrong) evidence or not!
      It’s clear, right??
      They are self-appointed judges in the MH17 case.They are standing between the DSB/JIT and real court, aren’t they?
      Cool down, boys. Get education at first and do not forget clean up Your sponsors list.

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