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This blog will have a collection of interesting and usefull links. I will add many links in the near future.

Item on Russian tv about visit of Nikolai Barsegov. Including Dutch subtitles. he went to the crashsite at November 12 and found some interesting debris like the engine nacelles. This is a link to a newspaper story about the same visit.

Research on the BUK which was seen on July 17 in the area. Many photos and videos were made showing a BUK. People did geo locating to find out where the photos and videos were made. This blog has a detailled story about the whereabouts of the BUK.

Images Show the Buk that Downed Flight MH17, Inside Russia, Controlled by Russian Troops
Interesting post trying to proof that the BUK which was seen in the area came from Russia.

Metabunk is a forum with a lot of interesting threads on MH17. Posts provide links to other sources. Verty usefull for your own research.

Very long thread on (Russian language)

Thread on the movement of the BUK

Many satellite photos of the crash scene before July 17 and after.

Lots of good technical information on the flight and the crash at

German Bundestag questions Professional Pilots Rumours Forum thread on MH17. Some very interesting info

Computer image of the damage on the aircraft based on photos made by@nastasache with help of @vpkivimaki

MH17 hull parts
Collection of identified parts from the MH17 debris fields. This collection does not contain graphic images, and it purely focused on organizing the photos of the aircraft’s parts originating from various sources online.

Wall Street Journal mapping of debris

Preliminary report by the Dutch Safety Board (dutch language) Here the report in english

Transscript of the United Nations Security Council meeting September 19. Russia initiated the meeting stating the preliminary report was incomplete and did not mention Ukraine involvement

This Wikipedia kind of page has lot of information. It seems unbiased.

Jeroen Akkermans is a Sutch journalist working for RTL. He has been to the crash site twice and made many photos. His photos can be seen in many albums here.

Dutch recovery team only got hands on search documentation at the end of mission. Ukraine did a good job while recovering the bodies. They documented the areas they searched for bodies. The Dutch team never made contact with Ukraine recovery team at the time the Dutch were doing recovery near the crash site. The Netherlands got documentation on August 31, weeks after the mission had the be aborted due to unsafe situation at the crash site. The local firebrigade was not asked for information.

Lijst van vragen – Verslag Buitengewone Raad Buitenlandse Zaken van 15 augustus 2014 en brieven “Repatriëringsmissie MH17” en “Stand van Zaken vliegramp MH17”

Paris Match article about the truck carrying a BUK missle launcher photographed near Donetsk.

UNITED STATES Admits Its MH17 ‘EVIDENCE’ is Based on YouTube Clips & Social Media Posts. This is an interesting video showing a press briefing. A US journalist asks though questions to the spokeswomen on the evidence.

Czech language forum having a lot of interesting posts on the cause of MH17 with info on missile.

30 million Dollar reward for anyone with info on who shot down MH17.

Google Earth .KML file which shows track of MH17 using 4 different sources (Flightradar, Flightaware)  Russian forum

7 times civil aircraft were shot down by military  (

Crash site 

Russian journalist visited the crashsite. Found engine nacelles.

It was the Ukrainian Army or Air Force  links

for completeness of this website here an overview of some ‘alternative websites’.  I will do my best to debunk most of the suggestions but that is hard as there are quite a few. It ranges from MH17 was MH370, to no real deads but dummies to bombs placed in the aircraft.

Decide yourself… White House ‘leak’: Ukraine did it

MH17 Downing: Background Context & Cause Hypothesi

Dutch report says MH17 cockpit was riddled with “multiple holes from high-energy objects”, ie bullets from mid-air cannon-fire Oh and a bomb was put in the plane at Schiphol 

The Mystery of the Malaysian Airlines Crash Over Ukraine


Boeing-777 was downed by Ukrainian MiG-29, Romanian expert says

YouTube videos
Here a video showing black smoke. Could be of MH17



Photos taken at July 17 at the crashsite by Huffington Post

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