Informnapalm on another MH17 suspect: Andrey Pinchuk

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Informnapalm published a new article at May 19, 2017  on one of the people who must have had a role in the downing of MH17.

Andrey Pinchuk, former “State Security Minister” of Donetsk People’s Republic (DPR), is a Russian intelligence service man who is ‘hired’ on special tasks. He was active in the annexation of Crimea and later turned up in Donbass.

The Informnapalm article in a reprint in english language of the original article published at 24 February 2017. reports about this here.

Novaya Gazeta mention Pinchuk in this english article about MH17 and the role of another man, Sergey Dubinsky.

Many Russian people involved in the war in Donbass  in meet in a Moscow hotel. Informnapalm reported here.

While the Informnapalm does not publish some hard evidence for his role, one passage in the article is interesting. This was taken from his book titled ‘ Generation of DPR: security outline’. In chapter 5 he describes in some detail the events associated to the Boeing crash. A passage from this chapter is of real interest.


Immediately after the briefing we received the message about the shot down Malaysian Boeing. Vladimir Antyufeyev, appointed earlier as First Vice-President of Law Enforcement, bluntly refused to visit the crash site, announcing that “he must not appear in the public eye in this case”, and  commissioned me to go there. I would have done the same. Additionally, the Prime Minister rushed there, so it turned out that we arrived at the plane crash site together with Alexander Boroday in his car…

Informnapalm concludes “” Antyufeyev knew that the Boeing had been shot by Russians, and that someone would be held responsible for this atrocity.”

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