How reliable are eyewitness?

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This blogpost has a couple of blogposts about eyewitness. There is an issue with eyewitness. They seem to tell different stories of the same event.

There is a lot to tell about this. For now, check out this website and take 6 minutes of your time to watch this funny video. I  guarantee you will learn something from it.

For the Dutch speakers this is an interesting article by Vrij Nederland about eyewitness who saw the terror attack in Nice.



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1 Comment on How reliable are eyewitness?

  1. Again, the phenomena you are trying to show is related to the property of the human attention. People will not be very aware of whats happening outside of where their current attention is directed.

    But this is completely the opposite to, say, those Grabovo witnesses who have heard the bangs and were looking up. They would not be aware of whats going on inside their pockets, but were very well aware of what was going on in the sky.

    Bad examples.

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