Hardly news in answers by Dutch government to 87 questions on MH17 prosecution

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Dutch Commission for Foreign Affairs asked  87 questions to the Dutch government. Most questions were related to the investigation and prosecution. At August 16 the answers were released by the government.

No new information could be obtained from the answers, except for two facts:

  1. Dutch government expects the JIT agreement which terminates in January 2018 will be extended.
  2. Russian Federation did not  respond to the March 2017 request by Dutch prosecutor for handing over information .
    While not specified in the letter, an educated guess is that Dutch prosecutor in March 2017 requested radar recordings of a second radar antenna in Russia.

Many answers stated that no information could be given as the nature of for example the JIT agreement is confidentials. Content of diplomatic talks could not be revealed. Also no information is given about the criminal investigation (for obvious reasons).

Some questions about costs were answered.


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