German police raided house of private detective who paid reward for MH17 information

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April 6: added a part of the search warrant to this article


German magazine Capital published at March 29, 2016 an article saying that on March 15 heavily armed policemen raided the house of private detective Josef Resch.

The search warrant took place at the highest German level, namely by the Attorney General (Generalbundesanwalt).
The Attorney General of Germany is in the field of state security the top law enforcement agency of Germany. That makes clear which political significance is attached to the case “Resch”.

Resch , owner of fraud investigation company Wifka, had  been charged with investigating the shoot down of Malaysian Airlines flight MH17 by an unknown client. The client initially provided 30 million dollars as a reward for information and evidence. Later an additional reward of 17 million US$ was announced. The record-breaking sum even beat the 35 US$ million offered for the capture of Osama bin Laden. Daily Mail was one of many media outlets who published the story.

Dutch newspaper Telegraaf published a couple of articles on Resch. In November 2014 Resch told that he had doubts about the story of German secret service (BND). BND had told politicians that separatists had stolen an Ukraine BUK. Also BND got satellite pictures from the US. Resch told Telegraaf: “Why would BND have pictures while the Dutch investigators do not? And why is BND telling about top secret satellite photos”?

In June 2015 Resch told media” if the truth would come out, the conflict in Eastern Ukraine will rapidly escalate”.

On June 15, 2015, the company Wifka announced on their website the reward was no longer available.

Concerning the investigations solving the crash of Malaysian Airlines flight number MH-17 on July 17, 2014, we disclose that the rewards written out from our client via the company Wifka amounting to
1. 30 million US$ for leads to perpetrators
2. 17 million US$ for leads about attempts at cover-ups from states or state organisations (second Snowden)
Are no longer available for disposition due to substantial means of evidence and adequate status of information delivered to their clients by the company Wifka.
The clients of the company Wifka and Josef Resch want to hereby thank all parties involved.


German Stern magazine (700.000 copies) published an interview with Resch in March 6 2016. Resch told the magazine he does not know who his client was. He also told “There would be even more grief when people know what happened. I am pretty sure about that. Also I am sure that insiders know much more than is made known to the public. He added: “a couple of governments have a problem when more is made known”.

German Magazine Capital published at March 29 2016  a story that the house of private detective/bounty hunter Resch was raided by the German police. The reason for the raid was a suspicion of a warcrime.

This is a part of the search warrant. It is published at the Facebook page of Capital.


According Capital the reason for the raid by the police was: “Saving of documents and notes related to the crash of MH17, saving of contact information  which can provide information on the shot down, preferably those from Ukraine, or from the Russian Federation . Also saving of disks and computers . Also in the arrest : It is assumed that “blank documents, documents, addresses or for files that contain more insights about the crime and about possible culprits at the launch (…),” in the private rooms of Resch which are significant for finding the truth “.

A couple of German media reported about the raid. Like


Resch told Capital in response to the raid: “When the German prosecutor believes he can find evidence in my house about the shot down, then he does not trust the statements of the German secret service BND. Or the prosecutor believes the person who informed Resch is someone working for the secret service.


Dutch newspaper Telegraaf contacted Resch as well. He did confirm his house was raided by the police. He did not want to answer further questions.


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20 Comments on German police raided house of private detective who paid reward for MH17 information

  1. Liane Theuer // April 4, 2016 at 3:28 pm // Reply

    Admin wrote : “The reason for the raid was a suspicion of a warcrime.”

    Marcel, you should make clear that NOT Resch is suspected of being involved in a warcrime. But the prosecutor hoped to find evidence of who comitted the crime.

    Furthermore, I believe they wanted to put pressure on Resch so that he abandons any more information. As you can see with the Telegraaf : ” He did not want to answer further questions.”

  2. “the person who informed Resch is someone working for the secret service”

    I think this can indeed be one of the likely reasons for the raid.

    • Hector Reban // April 5, 2016 at 10:50 am // Reply

      >> He also told “There would be even more grief when people know what happened. I am pretty sure about that. Also I am sure that insiders know much more than is made known to the public. He added: “a couple of governments have a problem when more is made known”. <<

      Which scenario or circumstances could release even more grief?

      Which governments could he be referring to and why?

    • Wout Poortier // June 10, 2016 at 8:32 am // Reply

      I once wrote a piece on – which has been removed – which dealt with your last question, because I asked myself the same question.

      Of course there are countless scenarios, why certain governments could get into trouble if the truth be known. Of course, I also don’t know what really happened, but I can give you a scenario here.

      We all should know by now, that NATO wanted to influence the outcome of the war in the east of Ukraine, but off cause couldn’t interfere. They wanted to help the Ukraine government with spy plane information and hang an airliner full of spy gear and flew it over the war zone.

      Somehow the east Ukrainians got to notice it and shot it down as a message to NATO. Imagine this scenario! Now the Dutch prime minister can explain the Dutch citizens that his countryman are sacrificed for NATO intrest… Can you imagine how explosive such an scenario would be? It would probably mean that The Netherlands would pull back out of NATO under pressure from public opinion. What would that mean for NATO as a whole? How would other countries react?

      This is just a example of an scenario that no NATO government wants to go public with, never! Fantasy? Exactly this, although not widely know and denied by the USA, happend in the ’80’s with a Korean airliner above Russia… So, who says NATO didn’t try the old trick…

  3. guys, that resch is a strange person maybe even a crook, so it is either a pr-gag for his new book (he stopped his PI business) or he was used as frontman for provision of information, but by who – insurance companies – russia – ukraina – west ?
    all news from him were published by one guy @capital – jens b.
    his book dont reveal any secrets, only a bunch of stories.
    the raid was also much too late, his job was done in juno 15. there were two bouties, 30 and 17 mio – the first for uncovering who commited it and the second for uncovering who covered the offenders.
    only the last amoung was paid acc. to resch.
    and there is no offer more for that 30 mio bounty….which is also very strange. there were 2000 emails/messages asking for the bounty, one of them in a very colorful way, acc. to resch, suggested, all offenders are dead.

    resch is doing a lot of inverviews, mostly biased against ukraina, all started in february, thats the time connection to the raid, but I read few of them and a warcrime can only be an ukrainien false flag operation, what he didnt directly mention.
    he is bound to a NDA by his “sponsor”, but, bc the paid information is closed from public, what resch regretted, maybe this is the way out of NDA…raid, police .. a lot of talk and pressure.

    for me all of this can be true, partly true or completly lied, a lot of ambivalences here and no proof at all.

    • Liane Theuer // April 5, 2016 at 9:19 pm // Reply

      “for me all of this can be true, partly true or completly lied, a lot of ambivalences here and no proof at all.”

      jayC, the best proof is the raid itself.
      Resch is no braggart, he is more a sandbagger.
      And there must be a reason why his inverviews are “mostly biased against ukraina”.

      • there is no verified info about the raid, only 2 persons spoke about it – resch and his press officer jens b…. no pictures, no confirmation at the general att. web page…

  4. Resch can back up what he has said. If he had nothing then he would have been ignored. The timing of the raid suggests that the purpose was to send a message.

    The West wants MH17 to stay out of the headlines. When MH17 is in the headlines, they want control of the story. Resch has been an element they can’t control. He has helped keep MH17 in the news and he has challenged the narrative. A German man has made Putin smile.

    He said that if the public knew the truth then the conflict in eastern Ukraine would escalate very quickly. What “truth” would do that? Not the “truth” that Russia or the separatists did it, which has been the story from the beginning. No, this is the kind of truth that will cause another regime change at Kiev, end the sanctions and cause deep embarrassment to the US and her allies.

    He has said that “much more” is known internally (by governments) than is known by the public. Not that one needs to be a detective to figure out that the public is being kept in the dark and fed misinformation. To this day we spin our wheels, debating the origin of a piece of metal that was removed illegally from the wreckage by Akkermans and possibly planted by him.

    Resch said some governments will “have problems” when more becomes known. As a general rule you don’t “have problems” when the truth becomes public if you’ve been honest from the beginning. You “have problems” when both the truth and your efforts to obstruct the truth become public knowledge. Serious problems.

    The authorities exhibited no concern about Resch until he started promoting his book. The raid looks to me like a warning shot. Resch has strong survival instincts. It could be a long time before he is in the news again.

  5. I got a reply from the journalist of Capital. He pointed me to the Capital Facebook site. It shows a part of the search warrant. So the search was for sure, and it was for sure about MH17.

  6. Liane Theuer // April 6, 2016 at 9:10 pm // Reply

    The search warrant took place at the highest German level, namely by the Attorney General (Generalbundesanwalt).
    The Attorney General of Germany is in the field of state security the top law enforcement agency of Germany.
    That makes clear which political significance is attached to the case “Resch”.

    “The position of the Attorney General at the Bundesgerichtshof has a special legal status. The Attorney General is a “political appointee” (§ 54 para. 1 no. 5 BBG). The civil service regulations provide that he in carrying out its duties must be in continuous compliance with the relevant basic criminal policy views and objectives of the Government.
    The investigation by the Attorney General at the Bundesgerichtshof may affect the important interests of the internal security of the Federal Republic of Germany and yield sustainable impact on the foreign relations with other countries. As “political appointee” the Attorney General has to take care that the basic state security specific criminal policy views of the government as part of the criminal procedure provisions and scope of action are included in the law enforcement activities and implemented.”

  7. Liane Theuer // April 6, 2016 at 9:32 pm // Reply

    By the way : In case of a court hearing Resch could be forced to testify. He as a private investigator would not have the right to refuse to give evidence.

    • Resch has said that he wishes his client would go public.

      Resch might be happy to be “forced” to testify in a court hearing that is open to the public. However, if he figures that his testimony will negatively impact his life expectancy then he is old enough to have difficulty recalling evidence.

      He clearly challenges the narrative that the downing of MH17 was the work of separatists and/or Russia. So where is a court that would want his evidence? Malaysia? Russia?

  8. Liane Theuer // April 17, 2016 at 4:49 pm // Reply

    Now I have read the 35 pages chapter on MH17 in the book „Gefahr ist mein Beruf“ by Josef Resch.
    As expected, Resch gives only a few details due to the silence agreement.
    But he writes that he had secretly overheard the conversation between the decisive anonymous witness and the representative of the client. He made a protocol of the conversation and deposited it with a notary.
    Maybe a search warrant will be executed in this notary too …

    Generally Resch has all the doubts that are being discussed here in Marcel’s blog.
    Resch regrets that he has become part of the propaganda battle.

    About the two men who first approached him and gave him the mandate, he says that they were absolute professionals. They knew details of Resch’s life, which only can come from intelligence with very good contacts to German authorities.
    Then the first meeting was followed by the man with Swiss accent.

    What followed after Resch had the job :

    Resch tells how three senior employees of a sham firm of MI6 (British foreign intelligence) came from London to sell him informations.
    Resch learned :
    “The MI6 has listened to the audio communication of Ukraine more than a year before the shooting. We have recordings of the critical radio messages. We have all the evidence of the shooting down by Ukrainian separatists together with Russian soldiers. ”

    Resch and his staff came to the conclusion : the men from MI6 only wanted to find out about Resch’s client.
    Because if MI6 would have evidence of Russian involvement, they would have released it immediately and not sell it to him. For Resch the MI6 was a “dead track”.

    As the men of the MI6 sham firm suggested a next meeting in London, Resch rejected. Too dangerous for him. He breaks off the contact.

    In October 2014 a Russian contacted him. He was a professional of whom Resch think he belong to the KGB.
    This Russian handed over to Resch many secret documents from the area of the Ukrainian military.
    A text example of one of the documents :
    “In the framework of the implementation of special operations all documents are to be destroyed that indicate the presence of military aircraft that have fulfilled their combat tasks in the Donetsk region on 17.07.2014. It must be carried out prophylactic measures and relocation of military personnel of the squadron who carried out flights in that territory. Specifically, military personnel belonging to the Aviator Squadron No. A-xxx. (Note: Resch blackened) of the city Tschungujew, Kharkov oblast.”

    Resch calls even more detail, but that would lead too far now.
    This Russian had a lot of detailed knowledge.
    In total the Russian provided evidence that an Ukrainian military task force wanted to shoot the airplane of Putin.

    Resch told his client about the Russian. But the client was not interested in a contact.
    The Russian commented this by saying:
    “For the documents that you have already received, people have died. If you intend to bring the documents to the public, our organization will be busted. Be certain that you will not survive it.”

    About the key witness who collected the reward, Resch writes :
    “The man was a Central European and spoke a perfect German.” The man immediately said, “that he is the man for the 17 million dollars, because he has information about who in the case of MH17 shoot down massively suppressed evidence and tried to cover up the truth about the events.”

    The decisive meeting between the Swiss intermediary of the client and the informant was at the end of May 2015 at Resch´s place. The private conversation lasted 30 minutes. The informant handed over documents. Resch writes:
    “I had seen only a few excerpts. But above all, we had noticed exactly what the informant has said about the cover-up. In our ears that sounded very conclusive and confirmed our suspicions. Everything fit together. The customer was satisfied. I should cancel the hunt. The informant got his reward.”
    Resch also was paid immediately.
    “The protocol of the conversation between the informant and the envoy of my client I deposited with a notary to my security.”

    Then Resch writes about the DSB final report and ends with the words:
    “I got results that I´m not allowed to simply publish for the reasons mentioned before. And that’s exactly why I challenge this final report.”

    Resch writes that his silence is hard to reconcile with his conscience.
    That’s one of the reasons why he gave up his work and sold his company Wifka.

  9. Liane Theuer // April 21, 2016 at 9:28 pm // Reply

    Related to MH17 and Josef Resch ?

    On April 20 Dmytro Firtash’s house in Vienna has been searched. It lasted for three hours.
    The raid was conducted as part of the provision of legal assistance under a request of Germany !
    Which accusation is behind it – neither the judiciary in Austria nor Germany told the reporters.
    What the investigators were looking for and may have found – silence.

    Firtash’s Lawyer Dieter Böhmdorfer : “Firtash is a witness, but not a defendant in the investigation, which has been carried out by the Austrian police in his house. Firtash has been filed no charges. As a witness he gives no explanation, because it could hamper the investigation otherwise.”

    My thoughts:
    On April 4, search warrant at Josef Resch, on April 20 search warrant at Dmytro Firtash – coincidence ?
    Could Firtash have been the anonymous client of Josef Resch ?
    Did the German investigators found a hint to Firtash at Resch´s house ?
    Did they try to find evidence at Firtash´s house about who is covering up MH17 ?

    It is absolutely not unreasonable that Firtash is the client.
    It would be a valuable trump card against the Kiev government to have evidence who actually shot down MH17. This knowledge could save his business in Ukraine.

    From Resch’s statements it could be seen that he is keen that the truth comes out.
    Maybe he has disclosed more to the investigators as became public…

    • Interesting news. Firtash has been in the news. He was arrested on request by the FBI for suspicion of violating laws on bribery and forming a criminal organization in the course of foreign business deals.

      The search on April 20 was on request of Germany. Interesting.
      Some info here

    • Liane, thank you for writing about the raid on Dmytro Firtash’s house. I think it is reasonable to suspect the raid is related to MH17 and the cover-up that followed.

      As a billionaire friend of Russia and Yanukovych, Firtash is an enemy of the regime at Kiev, the US, Germany, etc. He is an outsider who knows that the facts about MH17 are a game changer. He has the means to pay the bounty that was offered by Resch, and he is well positioned to profit from whatever he may have learned. Knowledge isn’t merely power. It is wealth.

      The US would love to extradite him and tie him up indefinitely with a long criminal trial. It must bother officials greatly in the US, Germany, etc. to wonder what Firtash has learned and what he intends to do with whatever he knows.

      Hence the German investigators pressured Austria to raid Firtash’s house. If the raid is indeed related to MH17 then of course no official in Germany and Austria will be willing to talk about it. They weren’t looking in the house for evidence because they already know what happened to MH17. They just want to know what Firtash knows.

      Not a slam dunk, but certainly interesting and very possibly relevant.

  10. Liane Theuer // April 21, 2016 at 9:41 pm // Reply

    Correction : On March 15, search warrant at Josef Resch.

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