Geopolitics is biggest enemy to finding truth on MH17

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MH17 crashed in the worst possible location. A war zone in which Ukraine fights against Russia supported separatists. Ukraine which is political supported by the United States. And by the EU which is on the leash of the United States.

This has a major impact on the truth finding for MH17. It must be clear the to unbiased observer which has enough expertise on MH17 that Ukraine cannot be blamed for its role in the downing of MH17.

Dutch Safety Board concluded that Ukraine should have closed its airspace. Joint Investigation Team stated yesterday that failure to close Ukraine airspace is not part of the investigation. So who is going to investigate the negligence?

Talks between Ukraine and the Netherlands are made national secret. The first 30 years these secrets cannot be made public. Why are these talks state secret? What is so sensitive the public must not know? Isn’t the case clear: Russia delivered a BUK Telar to separatists. Someone made mistake and shot down MH17. Why the secrets?

Also Ukraine Army attacked the separatists just after the bodies were recovered. This made recovery of wreckage and the technical and criminal investigation very difficult. Nobody asked critical questions on this important issue.

JIT concluded a BUK TELAR was brought into Eastern Ukraine from Russia. But it did not blame the Russian Federation formaly of having shot down MH17. Dutch politics including Mark Rutte refuse to punish Russia on its role in downing MH17. Current EU sanctions are because the annexation of Crimea and not respecting Minsk agreement.

It is still unknown what court will be used to prosecute the suspects. Will it be a tribunal or a courtcase under national law? Will there be Russian judges involved? We do not know because politics do not want to blame Russia yet.

See this statement of the EU after the release of the JIT announcements. Russia is not even mentioned.

And this is the statement of Mark Rutte, PM of the Netherlands

Rutte roept Rusland opnieuw op volledige medewerking te verlenen, maar wil niet ingaan op de vraag of hij Rusland verantwoordelijk houdt. “Wat het Nederlandse OM en de landen betrokken bij het JIT nu doen is achterhalen wie strafrechtelijk verantwoordelijk zijn. Pas daarna moet blijken of ook landen aansprakelijk kunnen worden gesteld.”

Rutte requests Russia to fully cooperate but he does not want to state that he keep Russia responsible for the downing.

And finally the response of NATO. No mentioning of Russia either.

United States does not want to blame Russia either. We have not seen the evidence the United States said it has. That is not because US doesn’t know what happened. It is because for politics it is not smart to get United States publically involved in the prosecution of Russia.

There are far more indications geo-politics are the biggest enemy to finding truth on MH17.


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4 Comments on Geopolitics is biggest enemy to finding truth on MH17

  1. One comment so far: After the annexation of Crimea, sanctions were mild – just some bans for a selection of Russian politicians. The current EU sanctions against Russia as a country were introduced exactly in response to MH17.

    • The current sanctions were imposed by the US on July 16, 2014. The EU following this lead was inevitable, regardless of the events of MH17 on July 17.

      So few seem to understand this timeline. Even Almaz-Antey doesn’t.

  2. JIT said the BUK was brought from Russia (in 17? but how could they move it that far west the quickly?), but the video continues by showing the BUK moving to the east towards Russia.

    I remember when one military member of a forum said “US are strangely mucking with Georgia, and Ukraine”. Few years later, we seen on Georgian TV multiple MLRS shooting towards a large city… Followed by Russian intervention in Georgia.
    Then we had Ukraine and euromaidan.

    Perhaps US just thought they would take these countries from Russia sphere of influence. But when these backwater politicians discovered powerful state like US took interest in them, they went definitely wild. US fame is sometimes its own peril.

  3. Unfortunately you are right, and MH17 is not unique in that respect. PanAm 103 destroyed over Lockerbie, and Itavia 870 brought down over the Mediterranian are other examples.

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