Geert Wilders talks about MH17 in BBC Newsnight

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BBC Newsnight aired an interview with Geert Wilders. Wilders is party leader of PVV political party in the Netherlands.

Wilders did some statements on MH17.

The interview can be seen here . The statements about MH17 start at around 5 minutes into the video.

BBC Sweeney says : the prime suspect is Putin.

Wilders: “well we have to see about that. I am sure it has to be cleared. I would not bet that Russia has nothing to do about it but still lets wait for the prosecutor. You could be right, I am not ignoring that. ”

John Sweeney makes a link between terrorist attacks and MH17. I am not sure why he does that. Sweeney is wondering why Wilders is concerned about islam while there are other dangers in the world like Russia and North Korea.

At the moment Dutch prosecutor did not make public the motive for the shotdown. Most likely it was a mistake. There is no reason to believe the aircraft was shot down by people who knew the aircraft was a civil aircraft.


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