Freelance journalist finds 15 possible human remains at MH17 crashsite

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Freelance video & photo journalist  Patrick Lancaster showed in a video published at August 16, 2017 how he found and recovered about 15 possible human remains at the MH17 crash site.

The remains of two passengers are still missing.

Lancaster is known for his pro-separatists view on the situation in Eastern Ukraine.

In 2015 Dutch reporter Jeroen Akkermans found many bones at the crash site. These bones were at the very same spot where Dutch investigator carefully searched for humans remains in 2014. Akkermans was told by experts one of the bones was likely from a pig.

The video of Patrick Lancaster can be seen below.

In July 21 2017 Dutch media reported about the possible human remains found by Lancaster. Gerrit Thiry, leader of the police investigation advised Lancaster to collect the remains and hand those over to the mayor.

Below is the video which was published July 17, 2017 by Lancaster. Lancester shows a possible human remain and also a lot of small objects. These objects are from MH17. Dutch prosecutor told earlier in a response that not all parts of MH17 are evidence. All important parts found at the crashsite were recovered and transported to the Netherlands. The remaining parts in Ukraine have no value for the investigation.


Lancaster, who was one of the first journalists who arrived at the crashsite in July 17, 2014, shows in the August 16 2017  video how he finds several objects which looks liks small pieces of bones. Those possible bones were found close to the location where the fuselage and wings impacted the ground. Lancaster also found a possible bone in the shed used for storage of wreckage in the village of Grabovo.

Lancaster stores the objects in plastic bags. He documents the location where the objects are found. He then visits the town hall of the village of Petropavlivka and hands over the objects to the mayor.

The photos below were published by Lancaster on his Twitter account.


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