Former Ukraine State Secretary: “we never received a request of DSB for radar recordings”

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later on February 3, the Ukraine ambassador to the Netherlands stated that DSB did request primary radar recordings to Ukraine. Ukraine does not have the recordings. One of the radar stations was destroyed, the other was in maintenance and a third did not have the range to detect MH17. More info here.


Three Dutch media, newspapers Telegraaf and Algemeen Dagblad, as well as weekly Elsevier had an interview with the former state secretary of Transport of Ukraine, mister Vladimir Shulmeister.

Shulmeister states : “I am 100% certain we never received a request from Dutch Safety Board to hand over primary radar recordings. I was part of the investigation commission which handled all MH17 related issues. We received all requests for information. A request to hand over primary radar recordings was never submitted.

Yesterday the head of network operations of Eurocontrol , Mr Sultana, confirmed to the Dutch Parliament that Eurocontol never was notified by Ukraine of issues with radar stations. States must report any issues which can have an effect on the capacity of airways.

It is very unlikely DSB did not request for primary radar images. It is much more likely Ukraine did not have any operational primary radar station which covered the area east of Donetsk. The head of UkSATSE in June 2014 stated that radar station Artyomovsk has been taken out of action. Most likely a group of masked men destroyed the radar station at June 16.

Another reason Ukraine is not telling the truth is that under normal conditions, a state would automatically, without a request from the investigation team, hand over any relevant information like primary radar.

A third reason Ukraine is not telling the truth is that Ukriane got the draft version of the final report of DSB. They never issued a comment on the final report about the missing radar. It was clearly mentioned in the report.

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3 Comments on Former Ukraine State Secretary: “we never received a request of DSB for radar recordings”

  1. Liane Theuer // February 3, 2016 at 8:08 am // Reply

    Blame game between DSB and Ukrainian government :

    Shulmeister is not sure where the misunderstanding occurred. According to him, it may be that the Safety Board only requested data from the military, which their committee did not handle.
    The response the Safety Board gave AD seems to indicate that this was the case.
    “At the end of March 2015 a team went to Ukraine. The aim was to obtain the primary radar data and documents from the military authorities”, a spokesperson for the Safety Board said. He could not say if this explicitly included a request to the civilian government. “I can not tell you more than what is stated in our investigation report, and it clearly states that the board requested images.”
    It is unclear whether the Ukraine still has these radar images, but according to Shulmeister the Safety Board can always submit a request for it. “If the data is out there, the Netherlands can of course have it.”

  2. Liane Theuer // February 3, 2016 at 12:00 pm // Reply

    Google translate dutch to english :
    “The DSB says that several aviation investigators from Ukraine cooperated in the investigation. “Aviation Experts from Ukraine know to which authority they should request for information. There was contact with both, air traffic control and military authorities,” said the spokesman.”


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