Former separatists leader Igor “Strelkov” Girkin states separatists did not shot down MH17. No comment if Ukraine shot it down

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Igor Girkin also known as Strelkov is a former leader of the separatists in Eastern Ukraine. He is a Russian officer of the Russian military reserve and involved as FSB/GRU officer in all kind of  conflicts like in Transnistria, Bosnia, Chechnya, Crimea and Eastern Ukraine.

At the time of the shot down of MH17 he was leader of the separatists and minister of Defense for the Donetsk People Republic. In an interview published in Russian The Insider at December 8, 2017 Girkin did some interesting statements.

Girkin was sued in Chicago by the families of 18 passengers.

He stated in the interview the separatists did not down MH17. He refused to comment any further. When asked about possible scenarios he stated that in 20 years from now he will publish his memoir.

The journalist then responds by saying “that is an interesting remark! If Ukraine was responsible for the downing you probably would have said so”. Girkin response is “I repeat, no comment”.

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