Foreign Minister of Russia adds another lie to the long list of lies by Kremlin on MH17

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Dutch minister for foreign affairs Blok visited at April 13 2018 Russian Foreign Minister  Lavrov for talks. The number one topic on the agenda was MH17.

Lavrov is quoted by Russian newsagency Tass:

“We are answering and have answered all requests of Dutch prosecutors in the context of providing legal assistance.”

A recent press bulletin by the Dutch Public Prosection Service clearly shows this is a lie! Available on the website is a PDF which clearly states that despite a request ‘No data from the Buturinskoe radar station were provided’. Not only that, Russia also did not provide radar data of 15, 16 and 18 July 2014, despite being requested to do so.

The April 13 lie is one of many lies by the Russian authorities. I made a list of 12 lies here. The Russian ambassador to Australia also lied. Russia also lied about the route of MH17, as proven here. At Friday February 3 2017 Russian Foreign Ministry spokeswoman Maria Zakharova added a couple of new lies as documented here.

The joint pressconference can be watched here

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