First head of Russian-backed “Luhansk People’s republic” Bolotov reported dead

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At January 27 another former leader of Luhansk People’s Republic died. Valery Bolotov, the first head of the self-proclaimed “Luhansk People’s Republic” (“LNR”) died at the age of 46 from a heart attack in Moscow.

It could well be Bolotov knew too much about MH17.

Euromaidanpress reports:

Earlier, a series of mysterious deaths took place in the “LNR” after an alleged military coup against Igor Plotnitskiy, in which former “Prime Minister” Gennadiy Tsypkalovwas found hanging in his cell, warlord Yaroslav Zhilin was killed in a restaurant, and former deputy of people’s militia chief Vitalii Kiselyov died in his prison cell. There were four other similar cases during the last six months: Aleksandr Bushuev, Aleksandr Nemogay, Alexander Osipov, and Sergey Litvin were reportedly killed due to their disobedience or growing personal authority. This suggests that those who refuse to follow the rules set by Moscow are being replaced by more obedient individuals

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3 Comments on First head of Russian-backed “Luhansk People’s republic” Bolotov reported dead

  1. Bolotov’s interview of 8 Dec 2016:
    He was highly critical of LNR’s current leader Plotnitsky.

  2. An small injection of an solution of potassium chloride (KCl) through a thin needle is enough to cause a heart attack. If it is done properly no traces will be found

  3. Dead men tell no tales.

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