Finland not amused about Dutch leaking Finland helped with missile tests

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Update October 3

CorporalFrisk has some great background information and an actual update.


Dutch Telegraaf broke the news last week saying Finland helped the Dutch prosecutor with BUK missile tests executed in Finland. Finnish Army was using the BUK system for a couple of years but stopped using it a while ago.

Finnish press reported that the results of the missile tests executed by Finland can not be used by the JIT criminal investigation because the Finnish government has not approved that. The non disclosure agreement was signed between Finland and Dutch police. JIT is legally not the Dutch police.

In August 2015 a Finnish newspaper already reported about the help.

Today Finnish president  Sauli Väinämö did a press conference on the news Finland helped the Dutch.

The leak of this could have consequences:

  • Finland signed a contract with Russia when the BUK systems were delivered that information on the BUK would kept secret
  • Relations between Russia and Finland could be at stake


A finnish blogger called CorporalFrisk  Tweeted news on the pressconference. Also C Salonius-Pasternak has some information.

Dutch prosecutor asked for assistance in 2014, specifically asked for secrecy. Assistance granted, despite confidentiality clause of original deal under which #Buk was bought. In 2015 request was sent to detonate a warhead and send certain fragments to the Netherlands. This was done in presence of Dutch official. Also specifications have been supplied when asked for. Dutch prosecutor recently asked for permission to hand over info to #JIT, but no deadline was given. Hence request still unanswered.  President Niinistö again and again pressed that these decisions have been hard.

President apparently irritated that Dutch who requested secrecy now has leaked the info. Finland will send people to the Netherlands to find exactly what they now have requested. Still no decision taken on answer to #JIT. Finland would prefer to work with prosecutor and juridical branch. Finland has informed Russia of the request in 2014, Niinistö stresses that this was stated, not asking for permission. Finland has many times answered different requests. Have never received any complaints that answers wouldn’t have been thorough enough

Niinistö says he isn’t afraid of Russian response.Niinistö downplays importance of Russia as supplier of #Buk to Finland. But generally culture of arms trade calls for secrecy.  Niinistö again back to fact decision made based on Dutch request everything to be secret at least up until #MH17 trial, this didn’t happen.

Question from press: . Couldn’t special request have been made to Russia that they release us from secrecy clause of #Buk deal due to special circumstance.
Niinistö: After internal discussion, Finland decided against this. Instead only informed Russia we will comply with Dutch request.



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  1. Change Väinämö to Niinistö,
    otherwise ok summary.

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