Finland handed over all BUK information to Dutch prosecutor

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In 2014 or 2015  Dutch Public Prosecutor requested Finland to hand over information about the BUK system. Finland used the BUK system in the past. Besides information on how to operate the BUK, Finland also did missile tests on request.

However legal issues prevented the handover of the information.

Finish newspaper Helsingin Sanomat reports on February 3 2017 that Finland finally has handed over all requested information to Dutch prosecutor. Finland also permits the data to be used by the JIT.

Earlier Dutch Telegraaf revealed Finland did misisle tests. I wrote a blogpost about the news here. 

Finland delayed the handover of BUK data because some legal concerns. Finland signed a non-disclosure with the manufacturer of the BUK system Almaz-Antey not to reveal secret information.

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1 Comment on Finland handed over all BUK information to Dutch prosecutor

  1. sotilaspassi // February 7, 2017 at 1:06 pm // Reply

    Previously information was delivered to Dutch police only.
    Special info package was now prepared to be delivered also for international team.

    In spring 2016 Finland got extra info request and also request to be allowed to share info to JIT.
    It seems FI had delays and waited for JIT press release to understand the situation.
    Around JIT press event FI asked Dutch to make more specific request for absolute mandatory info, so that info is unnecessarily shared.
    IIRC, Dutch sent the updated request in November.
    During December the info package was prepared.
    Delivery was around middle of January.

    FI officials now stress that all requested info has been delivered.

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