Factual incorrect statements by Dutch prosecutor on MH17 part 2

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Dutch Prosecution Service wrote in a pressrelease about the confiscation of photo and video made by journalist Spekkers:

„De gegevensdragers zijn niet onderzocht, maar verzegeld, in afwachting van de beslissing van de rechter-commissaris”

The data carriers were not examined, but sealed, pending the magistrate’s decision.”

However, when journalist Spekkers went to the National Police HQ in Driebergen he noticed that three memorycards, a photocamera and a videocamera were not sealed.



Dutch Prosecution Service then on request by the Dutch newspaper NRC stated that at Schiphol, where Spekkers had to hand over his photos, videos and equipment, no large sealbags were available. This is the reason the mentioned items were not sealed. According a spokesman the equipment was stored in a safe in Driebergen immediately after arrival. Police did not look into the photos and videos.

Dutch NRC concluded the earlier statement of Dutch Prosecution Service as mostly false.



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