Examples of dirty tricks by Ukraine Secret Service SBU

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Ukraine Secret Service agency SBU uses all kind of dirty tricks to damage the image of people who are against the current Kiev government.

SBU is a large organisation which acts like the former Russian secret service KGB. Besides a secret service, SBU is also responsible for criminal investigations like the FBI does.

Durch Public Prosecution Service cooperates with SBU in the criminal investigation into the downing of MH17. Many of the evidence in the file are handed over by SBU. Think about tapped telephone conversations, telephone metadata, video observations.

The SBU is acting not as a secret service in western countries. In this post I will provide some shocking examples of how SBU uses actors in a fake protest against anti-corruption fighters. Another example is how SBU is likely responsible for murdering a critical journalist.

Reformers uniformly agree that President Petro Poroshenko’s presidential administration directed the SBU to escalate its war on anticorruption reformers.

Ukrainian journalist Maxim Eristavi made the statement below, documented by Atlantic Council here.

“The biggest constitutional flaw in Ukraine [is] that it puts law enforcement, the SBU, and the army all under direct control of one man, the president,”

The current government is corrupt. Anti-corruption laws need to change that. There are NGO’s who are fighting corruption. These uses drones to make video’s.

Below some examples. When I have time I will add more.

  1. Oleksandra Ustinova is fighting corruption in Ukriane. Her flight details when she returned from a vacation in Sri Lanka appeared in the media. Only the SBU could know this information; the new aviation security law allows SBU access to passenger information for domestic and international flights in and out of Ukraine. (source)
  2. Here emails were read.
  3. Murder of a critical journalist by planting a bomb under his car. Here the details.
  4. This is a Youtube video made by Ukraine journalists of Radio Free Europe / Radio Liberty. The video tells the story about how the SBU organized at April 9 2017 a protest in front of the house of the head of Anti-Corruption Action Center NGO.His name is Vitaliy Shabunin
  5. Ukraine’s corrupt “pharma mafia”—which includes many SBU officials—lost millions in ill-gotten gains
  6. SBU likely filmed the explosion of a OSCE car which hit a landmine on an isolated, hardly used small road. Why was this filmed? Details here.


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1 Comment on Examples of dirty tricks by Ukraine Secret Service SBU

  1. As for the example 3:
    SBU spokeswoman Olena Gitlyanska, 10 May 2017:
    “Be informed that Ustimenko Igor Andriyovych was dismissed from SBU on 29 April 2014.”

    In any case Ustimenko’s behaviour (consent to meet with the journalists, confirmation it was his car and it was he on the video, keeping his phone number) suggests he was not involved in the murder. He might spy on Sheremet though. Some signs suggest he is an anti-regime person. By his answers I am not sure his acknowledgement it was he on the video is true.

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