Episode “Air Crash Investigation” on MH17 to be aired at March 5

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National Geographic will broadcast an episode on their series “Air Crash Investigation” on MH17. The title of the episode is called “Deadly Airspace”.

It is season 18 episode 4. The program can be seen here (it might be removed soon)

From what I understand the program will explain the results of the Dutch Safety Board investigation. I do not expect new facts about the crash.

The program can be seen at National Geographic at March 5.

In the UK it will be aired at February 15, 2100 GMT

A small video clip can be seen here.


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10 Comments on Episode “Air Crash Investigation” on MH17 to be aired at March 5

  1. Something for me there is. In the photo https://prowly-uploads.s3.amazonaws.com/uploads/2260/assets/46266/large_Katastrofa_w_przestworzach_4.jpg from the site http://mediapl-ngc.natgeotv.com/25609-luty-na-kanale-national -geographic there are three not known to me earlier fragment, which are absent on the reconstruction of DSB. It seems to me that in the picture Peter van Vliet, the administrator, can you confirm or overturn the expert’s personality in the photo?

    • Hi, I will check. What exactly do you mean? You mean this piece of wreckage on the photo is not part of the reconstruction of the aircraft?

    • It certainly is not Peter van Vliet. He was responsible for the recovery of the bodies. This is an employee of the Dutch Safety Board. Wondering when this photo was made.

      • I met references to the fact that Peter Van Vliet was the head of the Dutch group of experts, and he seemed to me similar. http://pixs.ru/showimage/4png_8395069_29063708.png
        Time is the end of July, the beginning of August, rather August, the waistcoats with the inscription MH17 were received after the arrival.

        • The photo could have been made during a reconstruction for the tv-documentary. We need to make sure the man and the woman can be seen on other photos during the periode July-August 2014.
          He could be Peter van Vliet but the glasses are different.

          • This photo is highly likely a reconstruction for the Air Crash Investigation documentary.
            See this image. The yellow vests have different typeface (bold) and reflector. In real, there is no reflector and smaller letters.

          • Perhaps you are right, I could not find a place. We will wait for the film, it will be clear.

  2. Air Crash Investigation: Deadly Airspace (S18E04)

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