Dutch wannabee Member of Parliament requests Trump for new MH17 investigation

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Thierry Baudet, party leader of the Dutch Forum voor Democratie political party which participates in the March 2017 elections is one of several persons who signed a letter requesting Trump for a new investigation into the cause of the MH17 shotdown.

Details of the letter are described in this blogpost. One of the persons who also signed the letter is Graham Phillips. A notorious freelance journalist reporting his pro Russia bias with low ethics. Other names shown in the letter are Karel Van Wolferen. This man made a lot of complete nonsense statements in this interview. Another man who is listed is German Peter Haisenko. Haisenko clearly talks nonsense as well. Even now, when Russia confirmed there was no SU25 near MH17, Haisenko still states the Boeing 777 was shot down by a military plane.

Any serious politician carefull about his reputation does not want his name listed in this letter!

Baudet was asked a couple of questions on this letter by Dutch newspaper De Volkskrant.

Baudet made a couple of very remarkable statements in the interview.

  • The letter was signed as private person. It is not an opinion of the political party he leads.
  • Baudet states he does not believe Russia is not involved despite what the letter says. So why did he sign the letter in the first place??
  • He asks himself why the US never made public primary radar images. I have got news for Baudet: the US does not have primary radar images.
  • He also states: why did the Ukraine air traffic control order MH17 to change course?

This last statement shows the ignorance of this wannabee politician. The final report made by the Dutch Safety Board clearly states MH17 was never instructed by Ukraine ATC to change course. Seconds before the aircraft disappeared from radar MH17 was instructed to change course, on request by Russian air traffic control.

Baudet likely read some fake news sites which state that MH17 took a different route on July 17 on request by Ukraine ATC. That is nonsense. This was debunked in 2014 here.

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1 Comment on Dutch wannabee Member of Parliament requests Trump for new MH17 investigation

  1. neantichrist // February 5, 2017 at 12:42 am // Reply

    Among those who signed a Trump letter there are 2 persons who, we can say, should understand (due to their job) consequences of such letter that affect the state institutions – first of all – the Dutch parliament and police/prosecution/court (shortly speaking legal system).

    Obviously, that 2 persons do not respect and do not trust the Dutch (and some international) state institutions and the legal system.
    One of them has possibility and trying – to became a legislator in the institution he discredits.
    Another one keeps using (and get money for that) the legal system he discredits.

    Dear admin!
    if You get an opportunity to talk to them, pls, ask abt – how it could be, how it looks to be a part of institution, to use that institutions, to make money at these institutions and disredit, humiliate it at the same time?
    What else they are ready to do to humiliate and destroy their country (EU) legal system and institutions?

    And one more remark.
    Why Trump?
    His country has only one evidence and already handed it to the JIT.
    Imagine, Trump replied – OK! I will investigate that case! What the base for such investigation? He wl order PM Rutte to transfer all materials of the case to USA’ investigators? But the JIT is international body…
    What a nonsense! But they signed it.

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