Dutch tv: Searching for Sergey Dubinsky

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In this second episode om MH17, Dutch Nieuwsuur broadcasted a search for one of the most important witness of the MH17 shot down. Sergej Doebinski (Dubinsky) is said to be responsible for the transport of the BUK TELAR to Ukraine.

A report about episode one, in which many new details were revealed like separatists who saw a missile launched from the ground, can be seen here. 

In April 2014 Dubinsky started to work for the GRU( Military Intelligence Service) of the Donetsk People Republic (DPR). Dubinsky also was Deputy Minister of Defence of the Donetsk People’s Republic during the time MH17 was shot down. He used nickname  Khmuryi.

Nieuwsuur found a  video footage of Dubinsky (at 4:48)  showing a rare public appearance while he was operating for the separatists. He can be seen on the right.  His voice is very similar to the tapped telephone conversation.

The item aired by Nieuwsuur can be watched at Youtube here. It includes the interview with international law expert Marieke de Hoon.

The Nieuwsuur story is very similar to the investigation done by Russian newspaper Novaya Gazeta. In April 2017 Dutch media like RTL Nieuws published about Doebinski.

Nieuwsuur however started the investigation early in 2017 and made video recordings in the village Oktober in 2017.

Novaya Gazeta probably was inspired by research done by InformNapalm which published in Ukraine language report at February 7, 2017.

Some background on Dubinsky here.

Earlier in March 2017 Bellingcat had a long article on Dubinsky. (Doebinski)

Nieuwsuur went to the house of Dubinski in the Rostov region. The reporter was not able to talk to him. There was a special car parked of which a photo was posted by Dubinsky on social media.

Below the item as broadcasted by Nieuwsuur at July 2 2017.

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  1. In 2014, the man who went by Khmuryi (Gloomy) was said to be named Sergei Petrovskey and hailed from Donetsk. You can easily verify this in old articles about the Donbass conflict.

    What is the cause of claiming a completely different identity for this person?

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