Dutch tv program: “JIT knows names of 7 suspects involved in downing of MH17”

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Dutch investigative program ZEMBLA at March 7 2018 announced  the Joint Investigation Team knows the names of 7 suspects of the downing of MH17.

At March 7 ZEMBLA broadcasts a tv program about the criminal investigation into the downing of MH17 and the legal ways to get justice for the next of kin. The names of the suspects are identified by the Ukraine Secret Service SBU.

Names of suspects are Igor Girkin, Sergey Dubinsky and Nikolai Tkachev. Zembla talked to the head of the SBU at the time MH17 was downed, Valentyn Nalyvaichenko. Zembla also talked to the head of the Ukraine team investigating MH17, Vasyl Vovk.

The website of ZEMBLA reports.

They say that during a videoconference in June 2015 at the Dutch embassy in Kiev, a proposal was made to the JIT to prosecute a group of seven people, who played a leading role in the downing of MH17. It is not about the crew of the BUK rocket installation, but about those who commanded the armed uprising and played a logistical role in bringing in the BUK installation from Russia.

Valentyn Nalyvaichenko says in ZEMBLA:

“We have conducted criminal investigations into war crimes committed by, among others, Girkin, Plotnitsky, Dubinsky, Tkachev and the head of the Russian border guard, as well as MH17.We have identified the perpetrators, we know who they are and the JIT knows all the names.”

Igor Girkin was the leader of Russian separatist forces in eastern Ukraine. A total of 25 surviving relatives, including 10 Dutch, took part in a lawsuit filed against Igor Girkin. The American court ruled that each surviving relative in the lawsuit is entitled to 20 million dollars in compensation.

Igor Plotnitsky (Igor Venediktovich) is the former leader of the self-proclaimed “Luhansk People’s Republic” (“LPR”) . Ukraine media Union reports he was detained by Russian security forces and is not allowed to leave Moscow.

Sergey “Khmuryi” Dubinsky is likely  a key–or perhaps even the key–figure in organizing the transport of Buk 332 from Donetsk to a field south of Snizhne on the day of the tragedy, Bellingcat reports.

Russian Colonel General Nikolai Fedorovich  Tkachev, codename Delfin, was likely also involved in the transport of the BUK TELAR surface to air missile system which downed MH17.

ZEMBLA program – ‘Hunting of the MH17 perpetrators’ can be watched at Wednesday 7 March at 21.15 hours at BNNVARA on Dutch TV NPO2
Dutch newspaper Telegraaf has a preview of the program here.
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2 Comments on Dutch tv program: “JIT knows names of 7 suspects involved in downing of MH17”

  1. Fyi:
    Zembla geeft in de vooraankondiging aan dat Nalyvaichenko en Vovk in Zembla uitspraken doen over namen van mogelijke verdachten in het JIT MH17-onderzoek. Het JIT wijst erop dat Vovk en Nalyvaichenko de SBU in 2015 hebben verlaten. Vanaf dat moment hadden zij in elk geval geen toegang tot de onderzoeksresultaten. En zelfs toen zij nog aan de SBU verbonden waren, waren zij nooit betrokken bij het verzamelen en waarderen van het bewijs in dit onderzoek, noch bij het adviseren of beslissen over de vraag wie als verdachte kan worden aangemerkt.

  2. https://joop.bnnvara.nl/videos/zembla-onthult-namen-van-vermoedelijke-mh17-daders-genoemd
    22:49 Vovk is speaking in Ukrainian:
    “Так, це може свідчити про це, але більше це свідчить про те, що він знав, для чого Бук перевозиться на територію України, він знав, що цим буком має збивати літак, він знав, що таким чином буде позбавлено життя багато людей.”
    Translated in English:
    “Yes, it may indicate that, but more it indicates he knew what the Buk had been brought for to the territory of Ukraine, he knew that this Buk had to shot down a/the plane, he knew that in this way many people would be deprived of life.”

    So a Su-25 in singular, and many people (not called being military) deprived of life? Odd. Also it is strange for Vovk to pay attention Dubinsky knew that Buks are used to shot down planes. It was obviously known by all mercenary commanders in Donbas.
    So I am not sure Vovk understood correctly the question in English (i.e., what is “Es-Yu”, missed “no” before “knowledge” etc.), and/or what phone conversation was mentioned. However, in his reply he seems to assume Dubinsky knew that the Buk had been brought to shot down a CIVIL plane.

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