Dutch tv presents new names of MH17 suspects

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Dutch tv Nieuwsuur presented at June 17, 2019 previously unknown names of MH17 suspects.

The first name is Sergej Moetskajev. He is the commander of the 53rd Anti Aircraft Missile Brigade based in Kursk, Russia. In 2014 he travelled with the convoy including the Buk which shot down MH17 from the base in Kurs to a military location near Millerovo, which is close to the Ukraine/Russian border. He must know what happened. See this part of the item by Nieuwsuur.

Russian newspaper Novaya Gazeta at June 5, 2019 published an article about the route of the Russian Army convoy that took Buk 332 (MH17 murder weapon)  from its base in Kursk to Millerovo (June 23-25) close to the Russian/Ukraine border.

Nieuwsuur also published the name of an Ukraine citizen named Ivan Bezjazikov. He worked for the Ukraine armed forces in 2014 but collaborated with the separatists. He was interrogated by the Ukraine police in late 2016 and then arrested. He is now on trial in Ukraine. In summer 2014  Bezjazikov met two Russian persons who are linked to the transport of the Buk from Russia towards the launch location.

Sergey Dubinsky (nickname Khmury) was the head of a special Russian intelligence service which was formed in early July 2014 and was active in the proxy war in Eastern Ukraine. The unit  had around 300 men taking part in it. In the past Dubinsky served the Russian army in various conflicts like in Afghanistan. Bellingcat has more details on the role of Dubinsky regarding MH17.

A previously unknown name is Oleg Poelatov. He was the head of the reconnaissance/sabotage unit part of the special Russian intelligence service. He is also a Russian army officer and used  nickname Gjoerza.

Poelatov was according intercepted telephone conversations in the morning of July 17, 2014 sent to the launch location.

The fifth unit of the special Russian intelligence service was tasked with logistics. The unit was lead by an Ukriane citizen named Dmitry Kuprian nickname Batja. (Dmitry Kupriyan / Dmitri O. Kupriyan / Kupriyan Dmitrij Alekseevich). He has been convicted and confessed he was the leader of a separatist unit responsible for transport. The role of Kuprian related to MH17 is not sure but as the headquarter of this unit was the office of the transport company which was owner of the Volvo and lowloader which transported the Buk, he might have arranged that transport.

Kuprian was a colonel of the Soviet Army, fought in Congo, Angola, Afghanistan. He was born in Krasnodar region, and moved from Soviet Russia to Soviet Ukraine (transferred to Kiev Military District) only after 1988 being at least 41 yo. USSR collapsed soon after.

Kuprian can be seen in this video taken in 2014. Russian newspaper Novaya Gazeta in 2015 already mentioned the name of Kuprian.

Nieuwsuur also revealed that the Ukraine secret service intercepted a lot of telephone conversations including many of Ivan Bezjazikov. Bezjazikov states these telephone conversations are authentic.

The Nieuwsuur episode can be watched here. Also you can watch this fragment. The item is available at YouTube as well.


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  1. As a Malaysian citizen , I would say this information is believable ( although with some skepticism). Nowhere has any parties offered any theory to the motive for the shoot down of MH17 of Malaysia who is not an interested party in the Ukraine/Russian conflict.

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