Dutch television coverage of MH17 trial

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At July 5 2017 Dutch government made public the trial of suspects will be done under Dutch law and in a courthouse in the Netherlands.

Obviously Dutch and international media paid a lot of attention to this important step. This post has an overview of Dutch television coverage.

NOS Journaal 20:00 o’clock news interviewed  Marieke de Hoon. She is Assistant Professor Politics of International Criminal Justice, International Law and HumanRights Law at VU University in Amsterdam.

NOS Nieuwsuur had an interview with Geert Jan Knoops and Goran Sluiter (item starts at 08:48)

RTL Nieuws at 19:30 had an item with no legal experts. Item starts at 09:27

Dutch Radio Op het oog van morgen had an item with  Willem van Genugten, emeritus-hoogleraar Internationaal Recht in Tilburg.


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