Dutch state refuses to make public government minutes of meetings

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In February 2016 the Dutch RTL Nieuws newsdesk requested the Dutch State (Ministry of General Affairs) to release documents regarding the Dutch govermental acting in the MH17 disaster in the early weeks after July 17.

RTL had to remind the Dutch State several times to react to this Freedom of Information Act request. The last request of RTL to the Dutch State was dated May 31 2016.

In a letter dated June 22 2016 the Dutch State finally responded to the request for publication of documents.

Dutch State mentions in the letter there are two documents. One about minutes of meetings between Dutch ministers. The other about an interview between Twente University and PM Rutte.

The Dutch State refused to release the documents. The reason provided is that information exchanged in  confidential talks between friendly states should be kept confidential. If not, states could refuse to provide information in the future.

The interview between Twente University and Prime Minister Mark Rutte was done under an agreement the content would be kept confidential for ever. Even after the investigation by Twente University has ended.

Pieter Klein, vice chief editor of RTL Nieuws, made the rejection of Dutch State public in two Tweets. The Tweets contain photos of the letter sent by the Dutch State.


It is interesting what has been discussed in the Ministeral meetings in July and August 2014. Why is this a secret? Could the information harm the prosecution of the persons responsible for the downing of MH17?

And what would be the risk if Ukraine, the friendly state, would not provide any more information? After two years of investigation, all information which Ukraine has, should be in hands of the prosecutor.

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