Dutch Safety Board forgets to recover crucial debris for reconstruction in the Netherlands

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The Dutch Safety Board (DSB) is the leading organization into the investigation of the cause of the crash of MH17. To establish the cause, DSB decided to reconstruct parts of the plane in an aircraft hanger at Gilze Rijen Air Force base, the Netherlands.

However a part of the engine cover was left behind in Ukraine. This part could likely be the same part which was earlier found by journalists and showed damages which could be caused by shrapnel. 

DSB announced they will not reconstruct the complete aircraft. Instead they will reconstruct the cockpit and wings. The recovered wreckage was transported by truck to the Netherlands early December.

Pieces of wreckage which are useless for determination of the cause are left behind in Ukraine. These are recovered by volunteers and the SES (local emergency services). That wreckage is stored in a barrack near the village of Grabovo. These wreckare are likely to be stored in Charkov  (Kharkiv) according this item on NOS.nl. These pieces are not relevant for the investigation according DSB.

A local went to that barrack in Grabovo and made pictures of the wreckage (before it was transported to Charkov). On one of the photo a part of the nacelle of one of the engines can be seen. This part is called the engine inlet cowl ,cowl lip and nose lip. It is the silver ring on the front of the engine.

The Flickr album showing a cut engine nose lip still left in Grabovo can be seen here. Belows some of the photos from that album.

See more photos taken at the warehouse here. Also Belgium TV VTM went to the warehouse. See the video here.




It is very remarkable this part was not taken to the Netherlands for reconstruction. As DSB stated they wanted to reconstruct the wings and cockpit you would  expect that parts of the engines would be interesting for reconstruction as well.

Especially because one of the engine nose lips was found by a Russian journalist in a field southwest of Petropavlika. See a video with Dutch subtitles here and a newspaper item here. The location suggests the engine nose lips were blown off immediately after the impact. The engines itself remained attached to the wings and crash about 12 km further. The fact that the engine nose lip was separated is interesting. I understand these are more heavy than the rest of the engine covers. This is because engine nose lips have to be strong enough to prevent damage from hitting objects likes birds.

The fact that the engine nose lip was separated and damaged must be interesting for the DSB.

Below two photos showing the MH17 engine nose lip in a field.


This are photos of that particular engine nose lip. Clearly visilble in the photo are various small holes and a larger hole. You can also see what looks like blue paint. This could indicate the part hit the fuselage.

Now mind MH17 had two engines so there are two engine nose lips. I am not able to determine if the nose lipe found in the barrack at Grabovo is the same nose lip as found in the field looking severely damaged. But it is at the least not very smart of the DSB to not take this part to the Netherlands for reconstruction.

It could be that the DSB did not find this part. This would be a real shame. The journalist video and article in a Moscow newspaper has been wide spread. Anyone with the slightest interest in MH17 could have known about this part.

This photo shows a Boeing 777 engine nacelle . Mind a Boeing 777 can be equipped with various types of engines. (Rolls Royce and General Electric). So the diameters can be different depending the engine vendor.

More mistakes 

The first mistake was the mentioning of the wrong aircraft type in the preliminary report. Page 12 of the report shows aircraft flying in the neighborhood of MH17. The aircraft flying northeast of MH17 is shows as A330 which stands for Airbus A330. In fact this was a Boeing 787 of Air India.

This is a small mistake but indicate the accuracy of the report.

The next mistake was the deletion of a NOTAM in in the Dutch version of the preliminary report. This was done to keep the Dutch version equally to the English version. However the NOTAM mention contained some information on the closure of the airways over East Ukraine. Why was it deleted?

Then one 0f the doors of the aircraft was left behind. Russian journalists used this to blame the DSB for not being interested in finding the truth. The door is the one at the end of the fuselage. It has an all red colour at the lower end unlike  the other doors. It does have a hole which looks like to be caused by decompression. However it is not smart to not bring this part to the Netherlands. The Dutch recovery mission did notice this door as can be seen on photos. The door was recovered by volunteers. Bewoners Grabovo Bergen Wrakstukken





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4 Comments on Dutch Safety Board forgets to recover crucial debris for reconstruction in the Netherlands

  1. Good thing the DSB is asking for review and commenting before it publishes its final piece.
    And asked for it on the preliminary report.
    Hope they noticed what you pointed out about wrong airplane names.

    Fare thee well

  2. My fear is for political expediency, whether it was the Ukraine, the Ukrainian separatists, the Russians, whoever, that shot down MH17, the report will be inconclusive enough for no one to be blamed.

    In the game of World Politics how many people have already died, how many are there still to die before human kind come to our collective sense and put an end to such childish behavior by grown-up, but very powerful people?

    • The final DSB report will not mention who was responsible for shot down of MH17. It will mention it was a BUK surface to air missile. No more details than that. Task of DSB is not to blaim, not to find culprit. Just to establish the cause of the accident.

      So we will see an even more increase in pressure and propaganda from Russia with requests to reveal information.
      Russia will let the world know even more they are innocent.

      It will be time to show real evidence or settle this in silence before things get out of hand end 2015/jan 2016.

      • If Russia really wants to reveal evidence, they could show what they recorded as far as a missile launch.
        They were watching from inside both Russia and Crimea, not with satellites at that moment but with other land and sea based items.
        They have not.And are not willing to show what they know.
        I think we all understand more then likely they had aircraft and missile launch detection items in Eastern Ukraine as well with all the stuff they flooded across the border.
        Although there is a possibility have that in Eastern Ukraine.
        IF Strelkov thought it was an AN26 and everyone else did, then maybe they did not, unless they were covering for an intentional airliner strike like the one Ole and the SBU mentioned that got MH17 instead.

        Russia may not want the real evidence out there or wait for it, it is just another stage in their shell game.

        I agree with you, the JIT investigation results, or at least a redacted but conclusive preliminary report, should at least be presented to the Kremlin, UA, Dutch, Malaysian, Germany, France, UK, China, Australia, Japan, the USA, and maybe Canada leadership before the end of the year, so the next decision is on their shoulders of what happens.

        UNSC change? More Sanctions? Tribunal? Removal from Swift? Embargoes? UN Peacekeepers at all border crossings into Ukraine? or things get out of hand.
        IF Ukraine is guilty, they are thrown to the wolves, or bears as it is?
        Hopefully rational minds will make decisions.

        Fare thee well

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