Dutch rightwing parties PVV and FvD do not support resolution to hold Russia responsible for downing MH17

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During a debate in Dutch Parliament on the topic of Dutch government holding Russian Federation responsible for dowing MH17, the representative of the ruling party VVD Han ten Broeke presented a resolution.

The relevant part of the resolution is listed below. It says it

regrets the attitude of the Russian Federation;
expresses support for invoking state responsibility by Australia and the Netherlands of the Russian Federation for its share in the downing of flight MH17;
calls on the government to take all necessary steps for this liability.

The resolution was also submitted by all political parties in Dutch parliament except right wing PVV and FvD. Party DENK did not attend the plenary debate.

On Tuesday June 5 voting for the resolution took place. All except right wing political parties PVV and FvD supported the resolution.

Dutch 8 o’clock news opened with the news.

According Dutch newspaper Telegraaf the reason for the leader of FvD, Thierry Baudet, to not support the resolution is that only a judge is able to determine irrefutable evidence of the responsibility of the Russian Federation for the downing of MH17. An interim report by the Joint Investigation Team is not sufficient to verdict on guilt.

Han ten Broeke offered to adjust the text of the resolution. The word “unquestionable” would be changed to “convincing” (in accordance with his own contribution) but Baudet refused and added that JIT was also an “opinion”, just like at the time when he signed a  letter to Trump in 2016.

Both Baudet and Wilders, leader of PVV, stated that Ukraine must also be hold liable. In this case for not closing its airspace.

Baudet in 2016 signed an open letter addressed to president Trump requesting for a new, independent investigation into the downing of MH17. The letter was signed by mainly MH17 truthers expressing complete nonsense on MH17 all the time. (Peter Haisenko, Joost Niemoller, Karel van Wolferen, Kees van der Pijl to name some)

The part of the debate where Thierry Baudet was involved in can be watched here


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