Dutch prosecutor: statement of Malaysian PM of final report JIT finished in October is incorrect

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Prime Minister Razak of Malaysia stated after talks with president Putin of the Russian Federation had finished that the Joint Investigation Team will present its results into the downing of MH17 in October.

This was published at the personal website of Razak. Also several newspapers in Malaysia reported about this news. For example the New Strait Times reported at May 25:

Najib said both he and Putin agreed that both countries would sit down to deliberate on the course of action after the release of the Joint Investigation Team’s (JIT) report on the criminal aspect of the tragedy in October

The Dutch prosecutor was asked for a confirmation. Mister de Bruin, spokesman for the Dutch prosecutor on MH17, stated that the news about a release of a report by JIT in October is not correct. Next of kin were last week informed by the Dutch prosecutor about this incorrect news.

It is quite strange that the Malaysian PM tell things which are not correct according the Dutch prosecutor.

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16 Comments on Dutch prosecutor: statement of Malaysian PM of final report JIT finished in October is incorrect

  1. Here’s is what the Malaysian PM said, as quoted by another Malaysian newspaper, the Star. It’s more or less the same as how Google translates the page on his web site:

    “I see that we have started on positive steps towards seeking justice for the family members and victims of MH17 when the Russian President and I reached an agreement that follow-up action will be determined after the results of the investigation are presented by the Joint Investigation Team in October. I pray that the families of all the victims remain patient in facing the challenges,” said Najib.

    Maybe he was mixing up the release of the DSB report last October with the report that the JIT are supposed to release by this summer?

    Or maybe what he really meant to say was “in October, after the results of the investigation are presented by the Joint Investigation Team”?

    BTW the other article from the NST is from 19 May.

  2. The Dutch prosecutor is keeping the timing of the report flexible and responding to the pressure from the families of the victims following the Malaysian PM’s report. We’ll get the report when we get it, and that still could be in October. Or not.

    Two things about the story are more significant. First, Putin and Najib already agree that it will be necessary for them to hold further discussions together following the JIT report to ensure that justice will be done. We’ll have a better idea about what this means after we see the report.

    Second, the two reports in the New Strait Times say that Putin and Najib also discussed increased economic and military cooperation between Russia and Malaysia. This discussion seems unlikely if Malaysia thinks that Russia is responsible for the loss of MH17.

    Link to the second NST story, which does not mention October:

  3. What now happens is JIT split into the EU and the EAEU (Eurasian Economic Union, incl Russia and Malaysia). This marks the end of JIT. Instead of the successful isolation of Russia by the false flag with the MH17, Russia now develops stronger bonds with South America and Asia. Western culture is dying while Russia’s economy will be fine.

  4. Najib going public with the October date probably wasn’t an accident, and I don’t regard it as strange.

    Malaysia knows they don’t have friends on the JIT. Therefore they pressure the JIT to publish the report and then, like the DSB, declare that their work is done no matter what.

    After the JIT report is public the Malaysians and the compulsively legalistic Russians will be relatively free to seek justice as they see fit and pursue other mutually beneficial opportunities as well.

    Russia and Malaysia see light at the end of the tunnel. The anger, suspicion and frustration of families of the victims provides some leverage to pressure the JIT to publish sooner rather than later. There’s additional pressure from business and agricultural interests in the EU who need the sanctions to end more than the Russians.

  5. sotilaspassi // May 26, 2016 at 6:34 am // Reply

    Malaysia is part of the JIT team but not afraid to co-operate with terrorists.

  6. What makes you all so sure, that there will be a JIT-Report at all?

    • Nobody outside JIT knows if there will be a final report published to the public. We know Razak stated there will be some sort of final report to be released in october. However Dutch prosecutor denies this.

      So we know nothing for sure. Parties in JIT are confusing the public.

  7. Liane Theuer // May 29, 2016 at 12:22 pm // Reply

    What we should know about Prime Minister Najib Razak :
    He lost his step-grandmother on board of MH17. So he has personal interest in MH17.

    He was the one who brokered the deal with the separatists to get the bodies and the black boxes.

    On July 23/2014 Najib Razak said : „While there is a Pandora’s box of rumors, mis- and disinformation that is being circulated, there is mounting evidence to support suspicions that the pilots of MAS flight MH17 were deliberately lured into a deadly trap.“

    Malaysia is convinced that MH17 was brought down by a BUK-missile.
    Their experts were the first at the crash-site. I think they have found evidence for a BUK. But they never mentioned it in the public.

    Malaysia became late a member of JIT. At the end of March 2015 the agreements with Malaysia on the full JIT membership were finalized.
    We don´t know if they had to sign the non-disclosure-agreement.
    May be Malaysia is the only party who can speak out the truth about what JIT has established, because they are not contracted on the non-disclosure-agreement.

    On November 10/2014 Najib Razak had a meeting with Vladimir Putin.
    Putin said :
    „We welcome the fact that Malaysian specialists have finally been given full-fledged participation in the investigation and not just in the technical commission’s work. I am sure that your specialists will make a needed contribution to a full and thorough investigation of this tragedy.“
    Razak said :
    „More work needs to be done to determine exactly what type of objects these were, where they were launched from and who is responsible for this.
    Malaysia has no stake on the side of any of the participants in the geopolitical conflict underway in this region. Our country has simply become a victim of the events currently taking place there.“
    We have always had good relations with Russia. We hope for your help and support in order to establish exactly what happened with the plane.“

    So, nothing has changed since this meeting. Malaysia still ask for Russian help.

    For this reason we have to look very carefully what Razak now said on his website :

    “I ask all parties not to make any speculation and premature conclusions.
    I see that we have started on positive steps towards seeking justice … when the Russian President and I reached an agreement that follow-up action will be determined after the results of the investigation are presented by the JIT in October. (..)
    The mastermind behind this tragedy should be brought to justice.”

    Would Razak still postulate “no speculations and premature conclusions”, if the Western narrative would be correct ?

    Would he speak about a “ mastermind behind this tragedy”, if the separatists shot down MH17 by mistake ?

    Would he make an agreement with Putin to conduct a follow-up action, if Putin would be behind the shot ?

    After Razaks statement the Transport Minister Datuk Seri Liow Tiong Lai said :
    “Malaysia needed the cooperation of Russia in the investigation to identify the parties responsible for the tragedy in Ukraine in July, 2014.
    “Everyone knows that we were the victims, attacked and shot down by BUK guided missiles. We must find those responsible for bringing down the Malaysia Airlines (MAS) aircraft.
    It was over this matter that the Prime Minister met Putin. Getting the agreement and cooperation of Russia is a good start towards understanding what really happened to our aircraft.”

    “ What really happened to our aircraft” !
    Malaysia cast doubt on the Western narrativ as many others do !

    • Liane Theuer // May 29, 2016 at 12:34 pm // Reply

      Transport Minister Datuk Seri Liow Tiong Lai spoke about “BUK guided missiles”.
      Why did he use the plural “missiles” ?
      “BUK guided missiles” could also mean other missiles (for example S-200) that were guided by a BUK radar system.

  8. Liane Theuer // May 29, 2016 at 12:27 pm // Reply

    Is it true what is written here by Fort Russ ?

    Quotations :
    “The meeting of Putin and Razak has caused panic among the Ukrainian authorities.”

    “Pavlo Klimkin contacted by phone the US Secretary of State John Kerry and complained to the latter that Russia has dragged Malaysia to its side. Klimkin appealed to Kerry to urge them to take steps in order to disrupt the emerging Russia and Malaysia joint investigation into the causes of the disaster.”

    “As soon as the guests left the Sochi summit, the Minister of Transport of Malaysia Liow Tiong Lai sent a letter to the Commission of Inquiry of the Netherlands with the requirement to include representatives of Russia in all expert groups.”

    Are there other sources ?

    • The statements published at this site are not backed by any facts. Seeing the position of fort-russ this article is nothing more than complete bullshit. Each website reprinting this story cannot be taken seriously.

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