Dutch prosecutor does not want to make public minimal fightduration of missile

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One of the questions asked by Dutch parliament the the ministers of Foreign Affairs and Security and Justice was “what is the minimum flightduration of the missile?”

The answer, provided by the Dutch public prosecution service was:

“About such detailed investigation information the Dutch Prosecution Service does not comment”

Vraag 21

Wat is de minimum vluchttijd van de BUK raket voordat hij de MH17 raakte?

Over dergelijke gedetailleerde opsporingsinformatie doet het OM geen mededelingen.

That is a bit remarkable. During the pressconference of JIT in September 2016 the public was told that for sure the launch location was south of Snizhne. However there was no irrefutable evidence for that launch location presented by JIT. Such evidence would be soil ana;ysis, satellite images,  primary radar recordings, photos or videos showing the BUK TELAR in the field.

By making the duration of the flight of the missile public, the public can confirm the area the missile was lauched from.

Now the public is still left in the dark.

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