Dutch prosecutor does not need additional radar images

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In a letter to Dutch parliament Minister of Justice van der Steur stated the Dutch prosecutor does not need additional radar recordings.

As DSB reported in their final report on the investigation into the cause of the MH17 disaster, Ukraine did not provide raw primary radar recordings of both civil and military air traffic control. Russia only provided a recording of both primary and secondary radar.

This is a remarkable statement of the minister. Member of Parliament Pieter Omtzigt several times asked the minister on the whereabouts of these recordings. In March 2015  DSB  send a special envoy for international affairs to Kiev to again request for radar images. Only then the Ukrainians could explain why no primary data was available. Pieter Omtzigt several times requested for a seperate debate in the parliament on the missing radar recordings.

At no moment the Dutch prosecutor responded to those requests by saying that these were not needed.

In the same January 21 letter minister van der Steur writes that the United States has provided satellite and radar info to the Dutch military secret service (MIVD). DSB and the prosecutor were able to see that information.

Van der Steur states that the JIT makes progress into the investigation. Before the second half of the year there will be results in determining the type of missile and location it was launched from .

He also mentions the report of Bellingcat which was handed over to the JIT.

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1 Comment on Dutch prosecutor does not need additional radar images

  1. There is a difference between JIT and DSB. Indeed, JIT is not obliged to provide information about radar images to the public. But the problem is there is no fundamental difference between JIT and DSB. They are two heads of the same dragon.

    With normal accidents radar images are important and easily available. With assaults they only are available in the last battle among parties. Primary surveillance radar images and satellite data can be easily manipulated as it are digital data. It only is the public who thinks radar data speak the truth.

    But parties in the conflict keep their powder dry, to give the opponent a crushing blow in the last moment. They will change their data at will if they definitely know what party was in charge in what part of Donetsk. Only the United States already took position. But Ukraine and Russia keep each other at gunpoint.

    Their strategy has different lines. If 9N314M can be proven as the warhead used, then JIT concludes a BUK is shot from Snizhne. But if the RF can falsify 9N314M then for court big problems will arise for Ukraine, since we already have Snizhne and Zaroshchenske as arbitrary narratives, but there are many more launch sites in between. Then also JIT has to change its course.

    In their report DSB tried to mislead and capture the RF for a launch site in a narrow enclosed area in Donetsk, but they have not the slightest evidence. Do you trust their mathematical models? Do you trust satellite information from the United States? They probably have no evidence.

    So, before the choice for 9N314M has been definitely crystallized, Ukraine and Russia will not move with radar images. Meanwhile JIT will act as if it is common sense the separatists are the perpetrators. Maybe they have evidence, maybe they are bluffing.

    The internet has not much information but analyzes all scenarios. And we think JIT will not have much more information than the internet. In this era for the authorities it is damned difficult to deceive the public.

    So, what is the lesson? Radar images have no value for this assault. They are worthless for MH17. We must go back to the corpus delicti: 9N314M or 9N314. And though we have a lot of indications it was a BUK, we definitely have no proof yet. So we must be very cautious and realize capitalizing on primary surveillance radar images is a red herring to sprinkle sand in the public’s eyes. Remember, until now no scenario has been proven.

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