Dutch prosecutor “bone fragment is from a passenger whose identity was established in 2014”

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At Friday evening January 13 2017 Dutch Public Prosecution Service published a press release. It states:

  • the bone fragment found by Dutch journalist Michel Spekkers is  from a passenger whose identity was established in 2014
  • The metal parts taken by Spekkers to the Netherlands were also investigated and found not to be relevant to the criminal investigation

The full press release is here.

Spekker did not tell the press where exaclty he found the bone. However his compagnon Stefan Beck wrote on his personal website that Spekkers found the bone in a shed which is used to store small pieces of wreckage of the aircraft.

I contacted Spekkers and he told me he did not find the bone inside the shed nor next to the shed. He found it in a public accessible field closeby. The GPS data on the EXIF data of his photo could tell the exact place. However the police confiscated all the photos Spekkers took.


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