Dutch pro-Kremlin MH17 blogger writes disinformation book on MH17

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Dutch blogger Max van der Werff, notorious for spreading disinformation on MH17, co-authored a recently released book on MH17. The main author of the book is a former journalist, Moscow based,  named John Helmer. Helmer published on his personal website many blogs on MH17 full of nonsense.  Multiple of these blogposts were copied by other pro-Kremlin websites.

The timing of the bookrelease is interesting. Why would anyone who is seriously interested in the facts on MH17 release a book now, while next year many new facts will be made public by the Dutch public prosecutor?  The anwer is simple: to spread disinformation.

The fact that Van der Werff agreed to co-author a book with Helmer shows his true colours. The Dutch blogger wants his ignorant audience to believe he is searching for the truth on MH17. However he only spreads disinformation and cooperates with others like Yana Yerlashova. She is a former journalist of Kremlin financed RT. In summer 2019 Van der Werff got permission of the Russian backed separatists to work in Donbass while no other Dutch journalist was allowed to enter the occupied area in Eastern Ukraine. Kremlin seems to like the reporting by Van der Werff. He also published JIT-documents on the website of Bonanza Media which were likely hacked by Russian intelligence agencies.

Besides Helmer and Van der Werff also two unknown names in the MH17 debate are listed as author. These are Liane Theuerkauf  and Sam Bullard. Their role in the debat has been zero so far.

The book by Helmer and co-authors is full of nonsense. He suggests the trial in the Netherlands is influenced by the Dutch government. In Dutch law there is a strict difference between the public prosecution and the Dutch court. In his blogs Helmer tries to discredit the judge by mentioning his previous jobs. It is the same nonsense used to discredit Eliot Higgins of Bellingcat.

Helmer suggests he knows the content of the 36.000 pages of the JIT dossier. That is nonsense. Besides the two Dutch lawyers, the court and the public prosecutor nobody knows what evidence JIT has.

and everybody in the Netherlands involved lied. I guess you know understand the position of John Helmer.

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