Dutch PM Rutte in appeal to higher court in Freedom of Information Request MH17

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Dutch Prime Minister Rutte (Ministry for Algemene Zaken)  filed in October 18, 2017 an appeal to higher court in a Freedom of Information Request started by Dutch RTL Nieuws.

Rutte refuses to explain why he is not willing to release minutes of meetings of an interview with him and Twente University. This interview was done to document government decisions related to MH17. The interview was part of a study called ‘Evaluatie Nationale Crisisbeheersingsoperatie Vlucht MH17’.

Background on the case here. 

This is another court case running for months. See this Telegraaf acticle. 

At September 7, 2017, Dutch lower court Midden Holland ruled that Rutte has to explain why he refuses to release the minutes of meetings. Rutte was given till October 19 to explain or go into appeal.

At October 18 the lawyer of Rutte let the court Midden Holland know that Rutte appeals to the Netherlands higher court Raad van State.

This means another judge will study this case. It will take several months before a new judgement will be done.



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