Dutch parliament requests Dutch government for a letter to update on MH17

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The commission for foreign affairs of the Dutch parliament sent at April 7 a letter to the ministers of Justice and Foreign Affairs requesting to inform the parliament about several topics on MH17.

The letter can be seen here.  The commission requests to respond before May 8 so the content can be discussed at the May 11 commission meeting.

The letter mentions the topics below on which the ministers should inform the parliament:

  • the progress on the criminal investigation and the prosecution
  • the progress on the court case. Dutch government announced it was preparing a court case under international law and a court case under Dutch law. The commission is wondering when the bills will be filed.
  • the progress on increasing safety of airspace above area’s of conflict
  • the role of the Netherlands in the court case by Ukraine against Russia at ICJ. Was the Netherlands government informed about this case? Did the Netherlands and JIT agree?
  • the selectionlist for creating a national archive MH17
  • the evaluation report about the Dutch police handling MH17
  • A response to the judgement of the Dutch court about WOB requests by RTL Nieuws? Will the parlement get those papers as well?
  • A the radar images handed over by Russia to the Dutch prosecutor usefull?
  • There are stories that sirens went off hours before the attack indicating figher in the area. Is anything clear about those stories?
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