Dutch parliament requests debate on MH17 to hear on Malaysia-Russia cooperation

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At June 2 during a debate Member of Parliament Pieter Omtzigt requested a letter and a debate with Prime Minister Rutte and Minister Koenders.

The reason for the debate is the lack of information from the Dutch government to the parliament. Omtzigt wants an update in a letter on the progress of MH17 investigation, the cooperation between states member of JIT and the possibilities of prosecution.

Omzigt states there the president of Ukraine releases more info than PM Rutte. The request is based on the news that Malaysia is cooperating with Russia .

PvdA and VVD did not support the request for a debate. This because JIT is expected to release new information soon. This info might provide more insights into the prosecution.

Omtzigt appreciates if the letter is received within two to three weeks from June 2.

The transcript of the debate can be read here.

This is the Tweet of the official Twitter account of the Dutch parliament public affairs department. The Tweet is misleading. The request for the debate is  need for updates.

Background of the debate

Prime Minister Razak of Malaysia had a talk with President Putin end of May in Sochi. Malaysian press reported about the meeting here. In the meeting held in conjunction with the ASEAN-Russia Commemorative Summit, Najib and Putin agreed that Malaysia and Russia would hold further discussions to ensure that justice is done in the MH17 incident after the report by the Joint Investigation Team (JIT)

What does PM Razak mention about the meeting with Putin

Razak himself has a website. Razak writes :

I see that we have started a positive step towards justice for the families and victims of MH17 when I and the Russian president agreed that further action will be determined after the results of the investigation are set out by the Joint Investigation Team (JIT) in October.


An interesting remark of Razak on his website is the mentioning of  ‘mastermind’

During the discussion, I have stressed Malaysia’s stand that we want a solution to this tragedy by the process of justice. The mastermind behind this tragedy should be brought to justice.

By using the word ‘mastermind’ it could suggest that MH17 was shot down intentionally and was part of a plan.

JIT sent a letter to the next of kin in response to the statement of Razak. The exact text of the letter was

Yesterday a publication appeared in the Malaysian media which stated that Russian Prime Minster Putin and Malaysian Prime Minister Najib will discuss the MH17-crash after the publication of the JIT-report in October 2016.

The JIT has no intention to publish a report in October 2016. Previously the JIT announced that it expects to finish the investigation into weapon and launch-location before the 2nd half of this year. You will be informed of the findings of this investigation subsequently.

Unconfirmed statements from single source about the meeting

Just a single website named fort-russ.com mentioned some statements which cannot be verified. Fort-russ has a clear bias towards the separatists. Some quotes from the article:

  • “The meeting of Russian President Vladimir Putin and Prime Minister of Malaysia Najib Razak on the sidelines of the ASEAN – Russia in Sochi has caused panic among the Ukrainian authorities.”
    Fact check: Not a single reliable source can be found confirming ‘panic’ 
  • “As is known, the two leaders agreed to coordinate an investigation into the downed “Boeing” over Ukraine in the framework of a joint working group.”
    fact check: Not a single reliable source can be found confirming ‘an investigation’ 
  • “However, the Minister of Transport of Malaysia sent a letter to the Dutch Commission on the investigation of the tragedy with the Boeing, requesting to include Russian experts in its composition”
    fact check: Not a single reliable source can be found confirming ‘a letter sent to the Dutch Commission’ . It is unclear which commision is meant by fort-russ. 
  • “At the request of Petro Poroshenko, the Minister of Foreign Affairs of Ukraine Pavlo Klimkin contacted by phone the US Secretary of State John Kerry and complained to the latter that Russia has dragged Malaysia to its side.”
    fact check: Not a single reliable source can be found confirming ‘Klimkin contacted Kerry ‘

Even Sputnik and other Russian media did not report about an ‘independant investigation.

Australian National Review

A source often mentioned on Twitter and mentioned by Dutch member of Parliament Omtzigt as well as Dutch GeenStijl is Australian National Review. This website copied the content of Fort-russ.com in a new article. Australian National Review looks for the ignorant as a reliable newssite. Is that so? The section called ‘mainstream propaganda exposed‘ reveals the agenda of Australian National Review.

What is the position of Australian National Review towards Putin and the Russian Federation. This article reveals the website is a supporter of Putin. The title of this post tells more about the agenda. “Putin’s Stellar Economic Performance for Russia“. And this article titled ‘Dutch intellectuals and Western Nations apologize to Putin‘ is telling as well.

Spyonweb shows some interesting things about Australian National Review. It shows the Google Adsense id’s which are shared by domains. Various other domains share the same Google Adsense id, indicating the owner of the website is the same. Two of the domains are  JamieMcintyre.com and several *21stcentury * domains.

Jamie McIntyre is a shareholder in 21st Century Media, which has the publishing rights for the Australian National Review. Australian press calls him a wealth spruiker.

ABC links Jamie McIntyre to 21Century in this article. It states dozens of Australians lose money through Jamie McIntyre’s 21st Century Eminis financial education program.

The ABC has been told some people have lost fees of up to $30,000 through a program sold by 21st Century Education, which taught people how to trade on the stock market through a virtual trading room.

The name of the program was 21st Century Eminis and the CEO of the company is controversial spruiker Jamie McIntyre.

Sydney Morning Herald published at March 24 2016  this article titled  Jamie McIntyre’s 21st Century Pilbara property scheme shut down by courts, regulators


The domain australiannationalreview.com is registered on the name of Crazy domains. No way to trace the real owner of the domain.


Yet  Member of Dutch Parliament Pieter Omtzigt and one of the few (about two)  MP’s really wanting to find truth, sent this Tweet at June 2.

Translated : “If Malaysia and Russia would do their own investigation (outside JIT)  there is a big issue.

Omtzigt clearly did not do some homework by investigating the agenda of Australian National Review first before sending this Tweet.



A letter from the Dutch government to the Parliament is much needed. It does seem  Malaysia is unhappy with the progress JIT made so far. The statements of Razak could be meant to put pressure on JIT.

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4 Comments on Dutch parliament requests debate on MH17 to hear on Malaysia-Russia cooperation

  1. Viktor Shevchuk // June 4, 2016 at 3:45 am // Reply

    Given the “progress” and poor standards of the JIT investigation it is logical and extremely likely that Russia and Malaysia are sharing details of their own private investigations.
    Does anyone think they would not be sharing details with each other?
    If they are sharing information then they are working jointly, independently from the JIT….aren’t they?

    • sotilaspassi // June 4, 2016 at 7:24 am // Reply

      I think it is related to this:
      ‘The JIT is still waiting for information from the Russian Federation about BUK installations.’

      Mal trying to get the info like they got BBs or RU trying to avoid giving real info.

  2. Viktor Shevchuk // June 4, 2016 at 4:17 am // Reply

    The Malaysian transport minister, Liow Tiong Lai, is quoted in Free Malaysia Today saying they are co-operating with Russia to find out what really happened.
    “Everyone knows that we were the victims, attacked and shot down by BUK guided missiles. We must find those responsible for bringing down the Malaysia Airlines (MAS) aircraft,” the minister said as quoted by Free Malaysia Today on Saturday, adding that “cooperation [with] Russia is a good start towards understanding what really happened to our aircraft.”

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