Dutch NOS (and many other media) shows their ignorance on MH17

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Dutch largest news station NOS has shown their ignorance on MH17 and Russia many times. I blogged about the unbalanced reporting by NOS here. NOS also did some factual incorrect reporting. It took me a lot of effort to have NOS adjust this.

Today NOS made another mistake. In an article titled ‘Justitie vindt onderkant Buk-raket op rampplek MH17‘ (Justice finds the underside of BUK missile on crashsite MH17’ NOS states that :

Nog niet eerder werd bekend dat zo’n groot onderdeel van een Buk-raket is gevonden op de plaats waar het toestel van Malaysia Airlines op 17 juli 2014 neer stortte.
This is the first time that was made known such a large piece of a BUK-missile was found on the location where the aircraft of Malaysian Airlines crashed at July 17 2014.


NOS adjusted

After a couple of hours NOS discovered their mistake and adjusted the article. The orginal article is here

The title was changed to “Gevonden straalbuis op rampplek MH17 was uitlaat van Bukraket” /Found nozzle on crashsite was of Buk-missile’.

Again sometime later the article was adjusted. The title is now “Onderzoeksteam biedt inkijk in strafonderzoek MH17” Translation: Research team provides insights into criminal investigation.

NOS states that in an earlier report NOS wrongly wrote that the photo of the BUK nozzle was new. Even is this multiple modified article NOS writes about a 9N314M type missile. In fact 9N314M is a type of warhead which is part of a missile.

NOS shows they do not like to admit mistakes. The article states that NOS amongst others (onder meer) suggested the BUK nozzle was new. Wrong again. The NOS was the first media which reported this. All otherc copied.


No factchecking by NOS

It is shocking to see NOS did not even do a Google image search on the image they published. If they did, they would find out the picture was posted on many websites at October 13 2015.

Ignorant copy/paste by many other media including BBC

It gets even worse. Dutch largest newspaper Telegraaf copies the news in an article titled: Groot stuk Buk-raket MH17 gevonden

Also Dutch Algemeen Dagblad reports about the finding here. And Volkskrant, another major Dutch newspaper also reports here.

Also RTL Nieuws editorial team copied the news. They later removed the article but the URL is still there.

RTL Teletext showed at 22:57 still the old news .

And NRC copied/pasted the news as well without fact checking and published at 13:13 here. PZC here

Slowly the ‘news’ spreads to abroad. Belgium HLN reports here. Belgium newspaper de Morgen has the news here.

Even Russian Life News reported about the finding.

Also the ‘old news’ was happily copied and paste by Ukraine media. This is a report by Unian.ua. Here another Ukraine media.

Censor.net, a large Ukraine online newsagency, reported the news here. (english here)

Ukraine newsagency Interfax reported here.

At 14:44 the Swiss media like Neue Zürcher Zeitung reported the old news.

German Der Westen also copied/pasted the old news without factchecking. N-TV in Germany also copy/pasted.

At around 16:18 WET the Russian department of BBC also reports the finding of the BUK part. The newsdesk has been sleeping all day and did not read this website obviously.

Even at 20:00 local WET British BBC published this article titled ‘MH17 crash: Big Buk missile part found in Ukraine

Kievpost copies BBC which copied NOS.

Spanish El Pais did not do any factcheck and did not do any Google image search either.

Even at 23:00 at the Dutch RTL Late Night tv show co-host Luuk Ikink told about the finding of the BUK missile part. About 800.000 Dutch people watch RTL Late Night.

a bit later the United States media copied the story. Here ABC News.

Plain wrong!

At October 13, 2015 DSB released the final report on MH17. At page 82 of the english edition the same photo of the BUK nozzle can be found. So NOS writes pure nonsense that today was the first time the nozzle was shown!

Additionally, journalists present at the presenation of the final report by DSB at October 13 were shown the video below. The nozzle was shown here as well.

NOS made a second error in the article:

Vorig najaar concludeerde de Onderzoeksraad voor Veiligheid (OVV) dat het vliegtuig is neergestort door een exploderende Buk-raket van het model 9N314M. Translation: last year DSB concluded the aircaft crashed due to an explosion of a BUK-missile of type 9N314M.

Wrong again: 9N314M is a warhead, not a type of missile. DSB concluded in the final report that the missile used was of type 9M38 or 9M38M1. JIT announced it will make public the exact type of missile after this summer.

Dutch prosecutor corrects

Dutch prosecution Landelijk parket sent a Tweet stating the NOS news was old

The text of the Tweet was later adjusted


So NOS is clearly showing a complete incompetence on MH17.

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