Dutch newspaper Volkskrant abuses MH17 for Ukraine referendum

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At April 16 Dutch citizen are able to vote whether they agree with the association agreement EU to Ukraine or not.

Dutch leftwing newspaper De Volkskrant published an article at February 6 on the referendum.

Sadly the author Bert Lanting abuses the emotions on MH17 to make his point about the referendum. Basically the author writes “a vote against the association agreement is a bow to the Kremlin and the pro-Russian separatists. OR, to put it very harsh: it is a vote in favour of the people who in all likelihood shot down flight MH17

Een stem tegen het associatieverdrag is een buiging voor het Kremlin en de pro-Russische rebellen. Of, om het heel cru te stellen: het is een stem voor de mensen die naar alle waarschijnlijkheid vlucht MH17 hebben neergehaald.

This statement is one of the biggest bullshit I ever have read in a Dutch newspaper on MH17 and makes me really angry.

Let me make myself clear: I do not know who is responsible for downing MH17. I search for facts and double check facts and spent 1000+ hours on MH17.

It is far from proven that Russia or the separatists are responsible for downing of MH17. The evidence which has been presented is basically zero. Where are the satellite photos showing a BUK enroute from Donetsk to Snizhne? These have not been published? Secret you say? Nonsense. Most satellites with a view on Dobass at July 17 were commercial satellites with publically known specifications. This post explains everything you want to know about satellites.

The missile was fired from an area controlled by the separatists you say? You are aware while all maps show areas are controlled by separatists, end of July an Ukraine convoy crossed north/south trough Eastern Ukraine?

So what other evidence is available? Bellingcat you mean? Wrong. Bellingcat narrative is based on assumptions. wishfull thinking and an anti-Russia bias. How many journalists read the comprehensive report which studied social media reports on military convoys? Not many. Most journalists rather copied/paste the slick Bellingcat PDF in their newspaper without any criticism or fact checking.

Mister Bert Lanting makes up his mind based on  Bellingcat reports and state propaganda. Sadly he does not  use various sources to create an opinion on MH17. Something each and every citizen should do nowadays. The Volkskrant article is one of many examples.

Dutch state sponsored NOS is the extreme in Bellingcat worship. Read this post about how NOS reports on MH17.

In 1,5 year of very intensive study of MH17 I can only conclude there are very few journalists who understand the basic of their job: being indepedant, investigate, check sources, ask critical question, do not believe what a government tells you without checking, one source is no source,  each story has a second side, never accept a sponsored press trip, and no prejudice based on thin air.

I really hope viewing the Netflix serie ‘Making a murderer’ becomes a mandatory part of any school for journalism!

It also does not hurt to view this short speech of US journalist Robert Parry. He talks about group think.

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3 Comments on Dutch newspaper Volkskrant abuses MH17 for Ukraine referendum

  1. Thomas Schansman // February 8, 2016 at 3:04 pm // Reply

    Mr. Lanting,
    please refrain from abusing the MH17 downing with the Ukraine referendum. If yuo have not a better story to tell, do not waste your energy. There are already enough people mixing up politics and the thruth about MH17 including 298 innocent people among others my son.

  2. It seems the NOS is writing biased articles too (nothing new, but this is the latest) :

    NOS manipuleert en misleidt bij berichtgeving over MH-17

  3. MH17 was downed, because Ukraine did not close air space, after other planes already where downed in that country.

    Papist Volkskrant is doing this, how typical.

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