Dutch MP Pieter Omtzigt talks about MH17

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Cafe Weltschmerz published at March 31 a 32 minutes long interview with Dutch Member of Parliament Pieter Omtzigt. The complete interview is about MH17.

The interviewed was recorded before the Dutch elections. For unknown reason the interview was published after the Dutch elections.



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2 Comments on Dutch MP Pieter Omtzigt talks about MH17

  1. Is there a transcript of the conversation?

    • What Pieter Omtzigt told was the usual thing. Unsure if Russia handed over primary radar. Did US hand over satellite images. How come Ukraine first said there was no radar available and then they found some radar recordings. Also he stated the Dutch press should do munch more investigation. Dutch government does not cooperate by not releasing minutes of meetings. There are just too many unanswered questions. It is a highly geopolitical issue.

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