Dutch Minister Koenders “UN tribunal for MH17 is not an option anymore”

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Dutch minister of Foreign Affairs Koenders made a statement on Saturday February 6 saying an United Nations tribunal on MH17 is not an option anymore.

Koenders made the same statement at January 4, 2016.

The most likely way for prosecution is now a court at a national level in one of the 5 countries participating in the Joint Investigation Team (the Netherlands, Ukraine, Belgium, Malaysia and Australia). Koenders said a decision was not made yet and is expected within 6 months.

The second option is a tribunal with the participation of all countries in joint investigation teams, said Koenders.

The remarkable aspect of this news is that none of the Dutch media reported this. Koenders made the statement while at a meeting with EU Ministers of Foreign Affairs in Amsterdam.

Russian and Ukraine newsstations did cover this news , lile TASS, Cenzor.net and 112.ua

Shanghaidaily has the news as well here.

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