Dutch MH17 prosecutor and head of police investigation visit Kiev

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According Ukraine press Dutch prosecutor for MH17 Fred Westerbeke had talks with Ukraine prosecutor and head of the Ukraine’s State Security Service on Monday December 11, 2017 in Kiev.

The meeting was attended by Ukraine’s Prosecutor General Yury Lutsenko, his Dutch counterpart Fred Westerbeke, the head of Dutch police national investigation division Wilbert Paulissen and the head of the Ukraine’s State Security Service Vasyl Grytsak, the statement said.

During the talks, the officials have exchanged their views on the interim results of the investigation and pledged to continue coordinating their cooperation within the Joint Investigation Team (JIT) to bring the perpetrators of the crash to justice.

While details about the reason for the visit were not made public, it could be related to the Joint Investigation Team agreement which will terminate in January 2018.

It is interesting this meeting was reported by a  China’s Xinhua news agency. Then copied by Malaysian press. But not a single Dutch newspaper copied the news.


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