Dutch media and politicians rightfully ignored screening of MH17 disinformation documentary in The Hague

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A group of Dutch pro Russia activists part of  Global Rights of Peaceful People organized at October 23 a screening of a desinformation documentary on MH17. The documentary is produced by a former Kremlin financed RT journalist and a Dutch blogger. I wrote many blogposts about the nonsense in this documentary. Less than 60 people attended the event.

While the announcement of the event stated Max van der Werff, one of the producers of the documentary,  would attend the event he did not show up for unknown reasons. The other producer Yana Yerlashova did attend and was accompanied by her regular cameraman Vitaly Biryukov. Biryukov  is listed as ‘director of photography’ of the documentary Yerlashova and Van der Werff made. He was also cameraman for the three MH17 documentaries Yerlashova made while working for Kremlin financed media  RT.

The organizers stated they had sent invitations to 500 people including all Dutch politicians and journalists. However no Dutch journalist or politician attended the screening. Representatives of the next of kin, the Dutch public prosecution service and the Dutch Safety Board were invited as well.None attended.

Some of the people who attended are known for their controversial opinion and they do trust the conclusions by the Joint Investigation Team (JIT). JIT concluded after years of investigation the missile which destroyed MH17 killing all 298 persons on board was fired by a Buk Telar which belonged to the Russian armed forces.

Spotted in the audience were truthers  Willy van Damme, Joost Niemoller, Karel van Wolferen, Rob Nuijten (alias Rob Torito) and Tilasmi Frigge.

Frigge took the iniatitive in 2014 for a petition to apologize to president Putin. Frigge stated the media and politicians in the Netherlands twisted the  truth about MH17 to discredit Putin and Russia. Frigge is also initiator of a protest against the Dutch NOS, a state financed broadcasting organization making up the Netherlands Public Broadcasting system. Frigge was seen during the screening wearing a shirt with  ‘NOS = fake news’ printed on it. Frigge was recording the event.

The host of the evening was Natalia Vorontsova. Elena Plotnikova was presented and carried a microphone so attendees could ask questions. Both are member of the  Global Rights of Peaceful People.  After a welcome Kees van der Pijl talked about his book. Then the documentary was shown to the audience. During the last part of the evening questions could be asked to Van der Pijl and Yana Yerlashova.

While no Dutch journalists showed up, some foreign journalists did attended. Radio Free Europe / Radio Liberty, Ukrinform, Tass, Raptor TV from Czech Republic and an unknown Spanish journalist attended.

A recording of the livestream of the event can be viewed here. 


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