Dutch major 8 o’clock news does not inform viewers about MH17 hearing

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At January 22 the Dutch Parliament commission for Foreign affairs spent 8 hours on hearings of over 20 experts on MH17. Also this day 22 families of victims of MH17 send a letter to both Russian president Putin and Ukraine president Poroshenko to request them to hand over radar recordings made at July 17 2014.

However, the major NOS Eight O’clock news did not mention anything about MH17. 

Instead, the NOS news opened with an item of almost 9 minutes on the Zika virus which is active in South and Middle America. Also an item of almost one minute on a movie about the Netherlands shown in Indonesia! Totally not newsworthy.

The competitor of NOS, RTL Nieuws spent over 2 minutes informing their viewers on what was said by experts and also spent time on the letter sent to Putin and Poroshenko. RTL Nieuws also reported about the hearing on their website.

One of the experts stated during the hearing that he believes it is weird three radar stations were off for maintenance at the same time. Several major Dutch newspapers mentioned this like Volkskrant, Algemeen Dagblad and NRC.

So it is impossible for NOS to believe the hearing was not newsworthy. Especially not as NOS decided to spent almost 9 minutes on a virus which is unlikely to hit people in the Netherlands.

This is an overview of the items shown on NOS Journaal at January 22.


Dutch Broadcasting Foundation (Nederlandse Omroep Stichting – NOS) is largest news organization of the Netherlands. The NOS Eight O’clock News, the flagship evening news programme, averages a little over two million viewers, making it the best watched tv-programme in the Netherlands on most nights (more)

NOS as the largest news organization should realize its responsibilty and bring balanced news.

Not mentioning anything about MH17 is a totally incomprehensible and very weird choice of editor in chief Marcel Gelauff !

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  1. I don’t know much about NOS, but one thing they considered newsworthy just a couple of weeks ago was Bellingcat’s report that 20 Russian soldiers were involved in downing MH17. They had an interview with Eliot Higgins about those allegations. I guess he’s more of an expert than the Dutch Air Traffic Control boss Paul Riemens, the radar expert Piet van Genderen and others who spoke today at the parliamentary hearings.

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