Dutch government refuses to complain at ICAO and UN about missing radarrecordings

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Prime Minister Rutte of the Netherlands promised to leave no stone unturned to find who was responsible for the shot down of MH17.

Sadly these words were not made true!

At December 16 the Dutch government finally released answers asked by opposition Pieter Omtzigt. The release date of  the answers was planned to be sure the press and public would not have noticed the release. At December 16 an important debate took place on the Teevendeal. All media attention was focussed on that debate.

Omtzigt asked 33 questions mainly on the missing radar recordings. Russia did not hand over primary and secondary radar. Ukraine did not hand over primary radar of both civil and military airtraffic control. Primary radar shows all objects detectable by the radar signal. It shows both military and civil aircraft while secondary radar is limited to detecting civil aircraft.

The Dutch Government stated that they will not send an official letter of complaint to the ICAO about the missing radar recordings. The reason is that this letter will not help to recover radar recordings. Also DSB had stated in their final report that the radar recordings does not have an effect on the conclusion on the cause of the accident.

The Dutch government will also not send a letter to the United Nations for the same reason.

Radar recordings are important to know who fired that missile and under what circumstances. Primary radar could have detected the missile thus showing where it was launched from.

The Dutch government stated that in the last ten years aircrash investigators always were able to obtain radar images. So MH17 is very unique in not being able to obtain radar images.

RTL Nieuws is the only media in the Netherlands which reported about the answers of the Dutch government and refusal to send a letter of complaint. This is a column of Jeroen Akkermans on the subject. This is a report by RTL on the response of the government and the anger of opposition party CDA.


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4 Comments on Dutch government refuses to complain at ICAO and UN about missing radarrecordings

  1. Liane Theuer // December 17, 2015 at 1:19 pm // Reply

    It is increasingly evident that the truth should not come out.
    The question is : WHY ?
    There must be circumstances that neither Kiev nor the West nor Moscow would like to see published.
    What could that be ?
    One possible explanation: Russian nationalists, who are fighting with a volonteer battalion on the side of Kiev, may have shot down MH17. Perhaps the Buk was even purchased on the Russian black market.
    But that is pure speculation on my part!

    Semyon Semenchenko and his Donbas Battalion is one of the suspects. July 17 the Donbas Battalion was close to the region where MH17 was shot down. (Russian Roulette Dispatch 61)

    „The official training represents a significant step up in professionalism from the makeshift summer camp outside Dnipropetrovsk that previously served as the battalion’s primary base.
    Many volunteers come from Belarus, Georgia, Russia and even Spain.
    “This is where the russkiy mir [Russian world] is gathering. Not the one which Putin is propagandizing but the real one, the one now coming together in support of Ukraine,” says Semenchenko, himself Russian by nationality, referring to cultural ties between Russian speakers.“

    Atlantic Council June 5, 2014 :
    „Semen Semenchenko, is the nom de guerre of an ethnic Russian man from Donetsk, a father of four, and a man whom many view as a savior. A former businessman and army reserve captain who spent six years in the active military, Semenchenko is the commander of the Donbas Battalion, a Ukrainian volunteer militia that is trying to do what the Ukrainian police and military have not.
    These are normal people, despite all the nonsense that’s been said over the last three months about us, we have nothing to do with Right Sector,” a right-wing organization.
    Many of the men who have joined are Russian, he says, and all of them are fed up with the lawlessness that has been unleashed on their homes and communities.
    Recently the volunteer battalion has received official status. Its companies will become aligned with Ukraine’s defense structures. Subsequently the battalion is undergoing special training and will receive heavy weapons as it takes on more serious offensive missions. (..) He has no illusions that the current situation can be fixed quickly or easily and with the arrival of fighters from Russia’s Caucasus region, including Chechnya, he sees the potential for a long war like those of Chechnya in recent decades right on his home turf.”

    July 3, 2014 :
    “Donbass” soldiers rally to demand martial law in the Donbas Region

    The truth is, that Semyon Semenchenko is close to Dmytro Yarosh and the Right Sector.
    And there are links to Arseniy Yatsenyuk and Arsen Avakov too :

    • It’s highly implausible on the Ukrainian side that anyone besides the regular military had a BUK.

      Ukraine would not even give these forces tanks and artillery.

      The notion of a black market for high altitude mechanized air defense systems is almost laughable. Even rogue states have not been so foolish as to distribute these systems.

      Compare also the accusations against Russia with its reticence to provide air defense systems to its Iranian and Syrian allies. It doesn’t add up.

  2. Jeroen Akkermans is in no position to comment and criticize when he has tampered with alleged evidence and left many questions unanswered about his own activity in Nov. 2014. When exactly did he remove the alleged Buk fragements? Were the Dutch investigators already on site? If not, then did he know that the Dutch would be there on Nov. 06? Is Akkermans really a journalist, or is journalism a cover for his real job?

    admin, why was an article posted here with quotes from a Dec. 15 John Helmer column, and then the article was removed?

    • Akkermans was several times at the site. It´s not known when exactly he took fragments. May be „each trip a souvenir“ …
      But here is a RTL-video about the theft :

      0:04 = Akkermans brought „his“ fragments to IHS Jane´s.
      0:27 = Akkermans found a shrapnel in a part of the wreckage that belongs to the passenger room. As DSB says, no passenger was hit by shrapnel !
      0:38 = Looks like a bow-tie… But the two bow-ties were found in the cockpit and pilots body…
      0:58 = This fragment shows part of a serial number with a broken 2 and a Cyrillic Ц from the Russian alphabet. It seems that the DSB refuted this evidence.
      2:54 = All fragments are analyzed „down to the last detail“
      3:11 = There are eight fragments on the table. All were stolen illegally by Akkermans. And he says, they would be all parts of a Buk 9M317.

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