Dutch government: if DSB or Prosecutor asks us to take action we will

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Dutch prime minster Rutte was clear in an interview at February 6, 2016. The complete parliament, including opposition parties, agreed that DSB and JIT (prosecution) should do an independant investigaton.

Lets first get back to July 18 2014. PM Rutte has a speech and says:

“We willen de onderste steen boven krijgen”

This is said at 1:36 in the video below

Fast forward to Februaury 5, 2016.

Rutte says in his weekly interview : as soon as either DSB or OM/JIT requests us to take action (like request Russia, Ukraine, NATO or US for radar data) we will do that. However we do not act on our own.

Well, that does not sound as “onderste steen boven krijgen”

The big question: why do JIT and DSB do not ask the Dutch government to request for radar data? The more evidence the better . However DSB states “our conclusion does not change with more radar data”. And JIT says “we do not need additional radar data”. That statement of JIT is not written and signed on paper.

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