Dutch government for umpteenth time fails to answer questions on MH17 before deadline expires

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Dutch government at February 10 failed  for the umpteenth time to answer  questions asked by Parliament before the usual deadine of three weeks expired.

At January 17 2017 member of Parliament Pieter Omtzigt asked many questions about JIT agreement, about radar recordings, about emails deleted from a mailbox and many more.

Dutch government did not answer the questions yet.

This is not an incident. There are 82 indications showing Dutch government is deliberately delaying investigation, delaying answers of members of Parliament, delaying court cases which were started by Dutch press.

In many cases the government answered questions too late.

Most remarkable hardly any Dutch journalist asked the government critical questions about all these delays.

Update: At February 10 late in the day Minister Bos of Ministry of Justice and Safety sent a letter to Parliament announcing a delay in answering the questions as not all information was received.


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