Dutch government delays answering questions on MH17

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Pieter Omzigt, as chairman of the Commission for Foreign Affairs of the Dutch Parliament, on September 28 sent a letter to the Minister of Security and Justice and minister of Foreign Affairs  to request both of them  to answer questions asked in the debate of September 8, 2017. Omtzigt requests the answers handed over to the Dutch Tweede Kamer within a week.

An overview of the September 8 debate can be read in this post. 

Normally in debates about other topics Dutch government answers questions within 14 days. However in the case of MH17, answers are always delayed.

I have added this to my overview showing the Dutch government is not willing to ‘leave no stone unturned’ as PM Rutte in 2014 promised.

Below the letter sent to Ministers Koenders and Blok.

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