Dutch government confident talks with Russia on liability downing MH17 will start soon

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Dutch RTL Nieuws at February 7 reported that sources stated Russis is prepared to have diplomatic talks with the Netherlands and Australia on the liability for the downing of MH17. Since the Joint Investigation Team in May 2018 stated it has evidence a missile launched by a BUK TELAR belonging to the Russian armed forces downed MH17 both the Netherlands and Australia held the Russian Federation liable for the downing of MH17.

Ever since Russia did not respond to diplomatic requests by the Dutch to start negotiations. The Russian government stated it handed over all the information which was requested by the investigation team. In October Russia stated it was willing to have talks but these talks should also be on the role of Ukraine which failed to close its airspace.

Dutch blog Novini.nl published in January an interview with the head of the political department of the Russian embassy in the Hague. He stated the Netherlands made an offer to Russia to have talks with an open agenda.

RTL Nieuws reports soon talks at a secret location will be held. Later that day NOS news reported  the talks likely will be held in Vienna, Austria in March. This meeting will be about the agenda for possible talks about liability.

According to sources of RTL Nieuws ultimately Moscow will want to deal with the issue, the expectation is in The Hague. If the talks in Vienna are successfull, the negotiations between NED/AUS and Russia could take one to two years. If these talks fail, the Netherlands and Australia can start a case against Russia at an international court like at the European Court of Human Rights.

It is hard to predict to what this will lead to. Kremlin denied any involvement in the downing so far. The majority of Russian citizens believe Ukraine is responsible. President Putin will extremely likely never admit his army had anything to do with the shotdown. Most likely Kremlin want to show it is willing to cooperate. The hidden agenda is it will never admit responsibility.



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