Dutch Council of State will make public its judgment on MH17 Freedom of information request at October 25

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Dutch media RTL Nieuws, NOS and Volkskrant filed in October 2014 a Freedom of Information request to force Dutch Ministry of Safety and Justice to make public MH17 related documents.

The media want to reconstruct the decisions made by Dutch politicians in the weeks after July 17, 2014. For example the media requested to hand over  minutes of meetings of minister meetings in the weeks after the MH17 shot down.

The Ministry of Security and Justice refused to release all requested documents despite ordered by a lower Dutch court, went into appeal and finally the case was handled by the highest court in the Netherlands, the Council of State (Raad van State).

A part of the requested documents were made public in August 2016. An overview of what could be conclude in these documents is here. One of the interesting facts was that  Kiev did not keep its promises about a ceasefire around the crashsite.

The Council of State at October 23 2017  made public that a judgment on this case will be made public at Wednesdag October 25 2017 at 10:15.

The case numbers are 201702922/1 and 201702923/1.

A complete and detailed  timeline of the events in this WOB since October 2014 is documented here. 

Meanwhile in another Freedom of Information request started by RTL Nieuws, the Ministry of Algemene Zaken led by PM Rutte went in higher appeal as well. This case will also be judged by the Council of State.

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