DSB and Dutch state did not mention Russian destruction of radar recordings at ICAO meeting

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The final report of DSB on the crash of MH17 stated that the Russian Federation did not hand over raw and  processed primary and secondary radar recordings to DSB. Russia did hand over a video recording of a mix of both primary and secondary radar recordings as seen by the air traffic controller (at the glass). See my blog on radar recordings.

At March 1 during the third plenary debate on MH17 in Dutch Parliament, Secretary of State of the Ministry of Infrastructure and the Environment Dijksma told that the DSB report was discussed/presented at ICAO. Both DSB and representatives of the Dutch State attended the meeting.

The DSB report states that Russian Federation destroyed the primary and secondary radar data. However during the meeting at ICAO, DSB nor the representatives of the Dutch State, brought to the table that the Russian Federation destroyed radar data!

The full transcript of what was said during the plenary debate can be read here.



There is a lot of mist/noise in the discussion about radar recordings. That is partly because it is a technical subject but also because involved parties like to spread mist to disturb the discussion and blame eachother.

An explanation

The reason the DSB did not mention the failure of Russian Federation to archive radar data is according my personal opinion that there is no hard law to store radar data imposed by ICAO. ICAO is an political driven organization which does not have any authority to force ICAO member states to comply to ICAO documents.

What ICAO  does is provide guidelines, recommendations, endorsements  for aviation related matters like accidents, procedures. ICAO does not have hard laws, just soft laws. The state itself has legal laws to which aviation authorities like Luchtverkeers Leiding Nederlands (Air Traffic Control) or UkSATSE (Ukraine Air Traffic control organization) has to comply to.

I believe for this reason DSB/Dutch State did not bring to the table at the ICAO meeting that Russian Federation failed to provide radar recordings.


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2 Comments on DSB and Dutch state did not mention Russian destruction of radar recordings at ICAO meeting

  1. Where did the DSB write that Russia destroyed radar recordings as Omtzigt says? All I could find is that they didn’t save (raw) radar data, only screen shots and video recordings. This is certainly not the same as destroying information.
    One should realize these systems weren’t designed for investigative purposes.

  2. In fact Russia did not save primary raw and secondary raw radar data. That is what is stated in the final report. All about this in this post

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