Does this photo show an Ukraine SU-25 aircraft over MH17 crash area?

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Many eyewitness stated they saw one or more Ukraine SU-25 aircraft flying over the area where MH17 crashed. An overview of eyewitness in this post.

Dutch Safety Board stated they did not interview any eyewitness despite the recommendation of ICAO Annex 13to do so. There are no primary radar recordings available. Ukraine military radar was switched off at July 17 as no flights planned. Civil primary radar was having maintenance at July 17.

While DSB concluded MH17 cannot have been shot down by a military aircraft, it seems SU25’s played a role in the disaster.

The Dutch government stated in December 2015 it will not send a letter of complaint to United Nations and ICAO about the missing radar recordings.

Only one photo is available which could show an aircraft flying over the area where MH17 just crashed. The photo was obtained by Max van der Werff from a source close to the photographer. The photo is discussed at Max website.

Mind the time shown in the photo is likely to be incorrect.

I invite anyone to determine if the photo is fake or not.

This photo shows a zoom in. It is very hard to even spot an object, let alone to determine if a plane can be seen.

Mind Ukraine Airforce has a couple of SU-25s flying in a lightgrey camouflage.

SU25crop Su-25M1_Ukraine_MINDEF_UKR_

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4 Comments on Does this photo show an Ukraine SU-25 aircraft over MH17 crash area?

  1. Are you serious in claiming that the one single darker pixel in a picture of a dark cloud can be identified as a Ukrainian Su-25???

    And what would an imaginary Ukrainian ground attack plane (that had nothing to do with the crash of MH17 anyway) be doing over the enemy controlled territory long after the shooting down (as seen by the smokes) and thus risking to be the next target?

    The price of such “witness accounts” is well known; as of now, not a single one of them has been corroborated.

    So, it was correct not to waste time on listening to such “witnesses” when even the Russian radar video replay has clearly shown there had been no Ukrainian planes anywhere near the crash site.

  2. Whatever this photo shows, it’s not a smoke plume from a BUK launch!

    Except from some well-known fakes I never saw a picture from a smoke plume …

    • sotilaspassi // December 21, 2015 at 8:26 am // Reply

      “I never saw a picture from a smoke plume”
      The well known photo does indeed seem to show a missile launch smoke plume. But it is not 100% confirmed if it is MH17 related.

  3. sotilaspassi // December 21, 2015 at 8:30 am // Reply

    “Does this photo show an Ukraine SU-25 aircraft over MH17 crash area?”
    -not over crash area
    -not an aircraft
    -if there would have been a military aircraft we would have the radar data about it from RU

    But what’s that smoke on the nearby field. (equally relevant I think)

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